#LOTRO: Links to Pass the Downtime

November 18, 2013


I had set up this listing in preparation for Helm’s Deep launch downtime but since that is temporarily delayed I figured I could still share this list of Helm’s Deep related linkies to help you pass the downtime.

We hopefully will be patching later today but what to do in the meantime? I have found some assorted links for you to read and enjoy to help you pass at least some of the time and still keep you psyched for the release!

Scheduled Downtime starting 6am Eastern

Official Dev Diaries & Videos

Epic Battle Dev Diaries:

General Dev Diaries:

Other Links of Note:

Class Dev Diaries:




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Helm’s Deep Expansion, a set on Flickr.

Articles from Gaming News Sites

Articles from Gaming Blogs

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4 Responses to “#LOTRO: Links to Pass the Downtime”

  1. Ilse Says:

    Thanks for posting my links! And thanks for this overview of everything else. I’ll sure check several of these out when HD is being implemented :)


  2. Sullo Says:

    Thanks Goldenstar!

    I thought this was hilarious, and helped me pass the time:


  3. Vraethir Says:

    The HD Beta Tester Guide has moved because the HD Forum has vanished.



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