#LOTRO Market Price Changes

September 3, 2013


The LOTRO Market (the web store out of game) has had a facelift and some price changes/additions to its line up that some folks may be interested in.

Riders of Rohan Base Edition

Was: $39.99
Now: $19.99

We actually saw this price as it’s sale price during a 4th of July sale. It appears this is now it’s regular price.

This is the only edition available for Riders of Rohan as the Heroic and Legendary editions were removed.

Expansion Quad Pack


This looks to be a replacement of their old triple pack as the triple pack is no longer available. This is the same price as the triple pack but now includes the Riders of Rohan expansion.

The package includes the following expansions:

  • Mines of Moria (including the Warden and Rune-keeper classes as well as the 2 character slots)
  • Siege of Mirkwood
  • Rise of Isengard
  • Riders of Rohan
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14 Responses to “#LOTRO Market Price Changes”

  1. Nicolas Says:

    Ugh I bought the ror base edition for full price the day before the price changed. -_-


  2. davidt Says:

    That Expansion Quad Pack looks like a great deal.


  3. Sensei Says:

    The base edition come with the instances?


  4. Flixxer Says:

    awesome prices… to bad i now only need the instance pack of isengard…


  5. Heatblizzard Says:

    How much does Lord of the Rings online cost per month to play? Is it a *quarter eater*? as you would say in the Arcades back in the good ole days of gaming?


  6. Heatblizzard Says:

    Also it would be cool if in places like the Green Dragon Inn they could add retro arcade games you can virtually play like Pong/Asteroids/Ms Pacman/Dig Dug/Mr Do.etc from the 80s just for the hell of it.

    One example of this concept being done is that In Donkey Kong 64 there is a hidden arcade unit that you activate where you can play the original Donkey Kong arcade and earn bonus points if you complete it as well as the DK64 game.


  7. Jaspirita Says:

    I found this link by Googling “Lotro Sales”… And the link totally worked. So, I was able to buy the QuadPack for only $20. I compared the $40 webpage and this one, and they are exactly the same except for the price. And it only charged my debit card $20 as well. Don’t know if this will work for anybody else, but I wanted to share since it’s half the price that the website shows.


    I literally used this link and purchased it a few days ago. I even got two new horses, so I’m assuming it worked. Hope this helps anybody else out who is poor like me. I was not ready to shell out $40, but $20 was doable. Good luck ^_^



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