#LOTRO: TOG Captain’s Workshop

August 6, 2013

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Saruman Must Die

Over this past weekend, The Osgiliath Guard’s division captain, Grayman, led a workshop on playing the captain class.  Several of TOG’s other captains attended to offer their insights into the class and talk about our favourite class.

As with the other class roundtables I’ve posted here, the target audience is not hardcore raiders or folks who have been playing since launch, these are for people who are new to LOTRO or new to the captain class.  The Osgiliath Guard is a casual guild, and although we have some regular raiders, most of us play in our spare time, or we split time between LOTRO and a couple of other games.

On a personal note, I’ve found the captain class to be a fun class to play, although it is easy to play badly.  I rolled mine after my minstrel because the kinship I was in at the time had a shortage of captains, and it’s a great class to play in a group or in a raid.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the sections below.

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9 Responses to “#LOTRO: TOG Captain’s Workshop”

  1. Typhonas Says:

    Was some sort of video created that those who missed it can watch?


    • Goldenstar Says:

      It’s a podcast (audio only) attached to this post for you to download or if you are subscribed to our podcast feed in iTunes or some other pod catcher, it will download there.

      It’s possible you missed it at the bottom of the post or your device / browser has blocked the player that is displayed. It is there so you just need to adjust your settings or check it out on a different device.


      • Typhonas Says:

        It is not showing up on my ipad, thanks for the help :)


        • Goldenstar Says:

          Are you using a special browser or something? I’ve tried Safari and Chrome on my iPad and both show a little play bar for the episode.


          • MsMave Says:

            The player is flash-based, so no idevices will be able to view it.

          • Goldenstar Says:

            It is flashed based on a computer browser but delivers an HTML5 version to mobile. Like I said above, I can view it on my iPad device just fine and I can see the player on my Android phone as well. The HTML5 version was the reason we picked this particular podcast embed plugin.

            It also is the exact same stuff we used when we were doing the weekly podcast. If it worked with our previous 200 episodes, it should work now. We have not changed anything.

    • Vræden Says:

      At some point, someone in TOG may turn it in to a video (the guard workshop had a stationary picture of flowers on a mountainside with the audio playing) so we can upload it to YouTube, but for now, it’s audio-only.


  2. Flosiin Says:

    Looking forward to listening. The Captain is my main character. Absolutely love the class! Can do a bit of everything: buff, off-tank, dps, rez, heal. Still remember Azz’s statement on the 1st captain round table of planting our banner telling the enemey “You will not pass this line!” or something like that.
    Thing that made me roll a captain is when I was on my hunter doing Forges for the first time in Moria. My morale seem to almost double all of a sudden and my dps was amazing. Once I found out it was from the captain in the group, rolled my own captain :)
    -Flosiin of Windfola


    • Vræden Says:

      I think that was Geiri speaking about the captain, not Azz. A lot of people said that he inspired them to roll captains. It’s in the first captain roundtable at about the 35 minute mark.


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