Bullroarer: Update 11 Release Notes

April 24, 2013


The Bullroarer release notes for Update 11 – Treachery of the White Hand have been posted for the Bullroarer server and they contain a lot of information including a new region and a new segment of the Epic Story!  Just a reminder though, this is the public test server. Items in this list are not on the live servers and are subject to change.

Some brief highlights:

  • A new launcher that will no longer require .net 1.1
  • The new region of Wildermore
    • new quests
    • new wargbands
    • “a new series of Endgame activites and rewards”
  • The Epic Story continues with Book 10.
  • Mounted Combat’s yellow trait tree is being integrated into the base War-steed and all classes will be getting a specific yellow tree.
  • Hobbit Presents will be released!
  • The Alert’s Panel has been revamped
  • Housing Upkeep can be paid further in advance and with Mithril Coins.
  • Houses that haven’t paid upkeep for more than six months will go into Foreclosure
  • The Bug Reporting tool has been updated.
  • The following will be purchasable with Mithril Coins
    • Reputation Acceleration
    • Deed Acceleration
    • Armour and Repair Services
    • Task Resets
    • Task Limit increases

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PDF Version

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24 Responses to “Bullroarer: Update 11 Release Notes”

  1. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    There are some other large changes mentioned in the focus schedule but not the release notes.

    Including Rest-XP changes, and what looks like a +100% crit chance crafting scroll coming to the store.


  2. Scott Says:

    Does foreclosure mean someone else can buy that house?


    • knowfere Says:

      I’m hoping it means current players can now buy homes that have been locked for years in their neighborhoods, and when/if the foreclosed house player ever comes back, they’re put in to the same house in the first available neighborhood.


    • Goreamir Says:

      Is there actually a shortage of houses in the game, with so many neighborhoods in the list? I’ve been wondering why people have been clamoring so fervently for others’ houses to be foreclosed on. Hopefully whatever decorations people had and whatever they had in storage will go into escrow, since that would be unfair to those who for some unfortunate circumstance had to leave the game for an extended period.


      • Beorathe Says:

        Some servers have severe housing shortages.

        The original system was designed to only spawn up to 250 housing instances as housing was bought. On Brandywine, for example, the instances have spawned to that limit and now no standard or deluxe homes are available in either Bree or the Shire and only standard homes are available in Thorin’s Hall. I haven’t checked Falathlorn, but I imagine availability is extremely limited there as well.


  3. Vraethir Says:

    If your house is foreclosed all your items go into Escrow and Escrow is permanent. That’s something missing from the release notes themselves but is stated in other feedback threads.

    There is also a 2 month grace period being added in for U11 so after 2 months those houses that have been unused for what will then be 8 months time will become open to buy.


  4. Groo Says:

    More Mithril Coin purchases?

    All the items listed are currently purchasable by Turbine Points.
    So I use money to buy TP, then use TP to buy Mithril Coins… Why?

    I wonder if they are phasing out the way the store currently works and slowly replacing it with just instant in game purchases…

    Still seems weird right now.


    • Ketani Says:

      If I remember correctly, there is a limit to how many items can be in the store at a time (it’s part of why you see things phased out/rotated in from time to time). So if they can get these things out of the store, it may be a precursor to us seeing other new things in the store. Personally, I’d love to see more unique store cosmetics.


  5. Inwyn Says:

    So that IS the “housing system revamp” that was promised? Nice. Worst thing is that we REALLY should say “thanks” for it. It is the 1st one in… How many years actually?
    I had an intention to come back to LotRo in U11, but it looks a bit… poor for me. So I guess I have a couple more months for grinding valor rank in SWtoR now.


    • Hallagon Says:

      They have mentioned it before and will mention it again….. this is NOT the long promised housing revamp. It is only a few prerequisite changes for the upcoming house revamp with the Expansion.


    • Vraethir Says:

      This is the first step of the housing revamp. They’ve already told us before that crafting will be added to housing with the revmap. This does not have it. This is just to deal with the empty and long abandoned houses and letting people buy the house they want.


  6. jakob Says:

    nublet question elleg alt arkenstone , how do i log on to bull roarer server ?


    • Greyfell of Crickholllow Says:

      You have to download the program, it’s another version of the game, basically, with only one server option, bullroarer. you can get the client here: content.turbine.com/sites/clientdl/lotro/beta/lotrohigh.exe but note that once that’s installed it will then download the entire game again, so it may take upwards of 8 hours.

      you can then go here: my.lotro.com/charactercopy to copy up to 5 characters to bullroarer. anything you do with them on bullroarer is not saved and not transferred to the original server. you can also start a whole new character if you prefer.


  7. Thaleg of Anduin Says:

    No character copy again for us European players *sigh*


  8. Rasmius Says:

    -> Houses that haven’t paid upkeep for more than six months will go into Foreclosure
    -> The Bug Reporting tool has been updated.

    Yes! Finally!


  9. Angel Says:

    The new region of Wildermore
    new quests
    new wargbands
    “a new series of Endgame activites and rewards”

    Wargbands? Hopefully it’s warbands, not just wargs.


  10. Oriwalker Says:

    Does it say if we can pay back rent with mithril coins too? I’m a lifetime member that came back after a LONG hiatus a few weeks ago. I owe almost as much in back rent as it took me to buy the deluxe shire hours. I bought it for 7 gold and back rent is at 6 gold 200 silver. It won’t allow me to make any partial payments on it, the button is greyed out. I have a little over a gold on my highest level character (57th minstrel) so have been scrambling to try to figure out how to earn money with all the extreme game changes.


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