Weekly Store Sale Starting February 8, 2013

February 7, 2013



The following items are on sale from February 8-14. Below you will find the sale listings as well as our recommendation on purchasing.

Free Sample of the Week

This guy will unlock caps on your class deeds and double your use of the skill and will also double the kills you have for your slayer deeds at the same time!

Get one free this week with coupon code: DEEDB1

Weekly Store Sale


Custom-tailor your character’s strengths based on your play-style or fellowship need by equipping stackable Virtues. Gain increased morale and power, mitigate various damage types, and more!

Store Location: Character → Virtues
Levels: Varies

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These get a “meh” simply because you can earn these in the game grinding them via the deed system. A nice short-cut to a long grind but not a necessary purchase. If grinding is the thing that gets on your nerves then no harm in buying them at all and might as well buy them on sale!

tomesTrait Slots

Customize and make your character more powerful by unlocking additional Virtue, Class, Race or Legendary Trait Slots to use with your virtues, traits, and legendary abilities.

Store Location: Character → Upgrades → Trait Slots
Levels: Varies

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: First it’s important to note that this is only for free and premium players. VIPS have access to all their virtue, class, race and legendary trait slots, however they unlock at specific levels so it may not look like they are not available to a VIP at first.

These may not be an important buy at the earlier levels but those who’ve progressed a ways will want to consider buying these. They are like equipping additional stats that otherwise you’ll be missing out on. I’ll make a guess and say they may start coming in pretty handy around the level 40+ range.

Skill and Slayer Deed Boosts

Increase the size of your quest log, earn virtues, titles, and even Turbine Points by completing deeds! Earn double-rewards for slaying Goblins, Spiders, and more for 90 minutes! Stacks of 5 & 25 available.

Store Location: Buffs & Boosts → Advancement → Deed
Levels: 10+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION:  As stated above (since you can get one of these for free this week) these guys will unlock caps on your class deeds while doubling your use of the skill and will also double the kills you have for your slayer deeds at the same time! These get a thumbs up as it skips the grind as well as still earning the titles, virtues and Turbine Points associated with the grind. Also did you know completing deeds increases the size of your quest log?

The regular slayer accelerators should also be on sale as well if you don’t want the skill deed booster for whatever reason.

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9 Responses to “Weekly Store Sale Starting February 8, 2013”

  1. Jim Says:

    Wow, i feel like such a noob…i Had no idea deeds opened up extra quest slots! thanks for the tip :)


    • Andang Says:

      Yeah, I didn’t know till I heard it on their podcast a few years back…and my sister didn’t know till I told here a while after that…guess that means all three of us are noobs…


  2. Ekaterina Says:



  3. Seija Says:

    I found out by sheer accident, when wondering why my alts had different numbers of active quests. So I moused over the number and lo and behold (!) there was a tool-tip. ^^ It even tells you how many deeds you’ve done towards the next unlock.

    (Sorry for my bad english, I’m not quite awake yet and not a native speaker either.)


    • Nakiami Says:

      Your English is perfect. You even spelled “lo and behold” correctly, which is beyond the capabilities of many native speakers.


  4. Brsalsa Says:

    Wauw – I never realized that deeds could increase the number of quest slots. Thx, Goldenstar :)



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