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September 18, 2012

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Buried Treasure!

Lately there have been rumors of treasure buried in Ered Luin. Dwarves have been seen carrying pick-axes and trained cave-claws up into the hills in search of hidden riches. Now the rumors have been confirmed and it’s your turn to get a chance at the treasure!

What is the Treasure Hunt?

It is a new event that is not tied to a specific season or date like LOTRO’s existing festivals. It will be available periodically throughout the year, so if you miss the first appearance, you’re not out of luck until next year.

New August 2014:

  • Cave-claw pets are available from the reward vendor for 500 tokens a piece. 6 colors available.
  • The Domesticated Cave-claw is no longer available at the vendor. If not dropped from dig sites, the Cave-claw Wrangling Deed may not be possible any longer.

Where is the event?
The Treasure Field is in Ered Luin, northwest of Gondamon. You can ride there on your own, or you can take a swift travel route from special Festival Announcer stable masters in West Bree, Michel Delving, Thorin’s Hall and Celondim. There is also a mustering horn for fellowship members to summon each other there if they wish and a campsite for hunters to use.

How do I get started
The first thing you need to do is speak to the dwarf Aldúlf. He will start you on your introduction to the event. After a short quest showing you how various parts of the event work, you’ll be sent off on your own with your first set of Treasure-hunter’s Picks and some other helpful goodies.


Introduction: Treasure Hunt
Quest Giver: Aldúlf
Repeatable: No
Rewards: 10 Treasure-hunter picks, 1 Trained Cave-claw Cage, 1 Dowsing Gem

  • Objective 1: Speak with Halthor Goldeneye
  • Objective 2: Speak with Tor Wayseeker
  • Objective 3: Dig a site in the training grounds
  • Objective 4: Talk to Orn Gemfinder
  • Objective 5: Use a dowsing gem on a dig site
  • Objective 6: Talk to Segar
  • Objective 7: Use a trained cave claw
  • Objective 8: Talk to Halthor Goldeneye
  • Objective 9: Talk to Arngills

Completing the Introduction quest will allow open up a new deed (more on that later) and will allow you to pick up the two repeatable quests in the area.

Treasure Hunt
Quest giver: Aldúlf or Arngills
Repeatable: Yes (Every 15 minutes)
Reward: 2 Treasure-hunter’s picks
Objective: Talk to Halthor Goldeneye

Quest giver: Trained Cave-claw
Repeatable: Yes (Every 15 minutes)
Reward: 2 Treasure-hunter’s picks, 1 Trained Cave-claw Cage, 1 Dowsing Gem
Objective: Collect 5 Berries

Note: The berries will disappear when someone picks them up, so if the treasure field is very busy, it can take quite a while to find enough berries to finish this quest.

Dig-sites and Treasure-hunt Rounds

Treasure-hunter’s picks are used to excavate dig-sites in the treasure field.  There are four sizes of dig-sites: Small, Medium, Large and Huge. The different sizes of dig-sites cannot be distinguished by looking at them, and their locations are random.

There is only one Huge dig-site active at any given time. A round ends when more than half the dig-sites have been excavated, the huge cache is discovered, or by an hour passing since the last round reset.

When a round is over, the message “The round has ended! The event will restart shortly” will appear on screen and in your chat window.  Very shortly after (we are talking 10-25 seconds later), you will see the message “A new round has begun” and that means that the dig-sites have been randomized again. Because rounds are based on when the Huge site is found, they can vary greatly in length. When the treasure field is really busy, it’s not uncommon for rounds to end within seconds after they start.

Every dig-site contains at least 1 Buried Treasure Token, although usually you’ll get more tokens than that. They also have a chance to include any of the following: Treasure-hunter’s pick, Trained Cave-claw Cage, Dowsing Gem, and a cache that corresponds to the size of the dig-site. The Huge dig-site will always contain a Huge Treasure Cache consumable item. These treasure caches can contain any of the previously mentioned rewards (except for other caches) and they also have a chance to give an emote, housing decoration or cosmetic item. The Huge cache may also contain one of the three new mounts exclusive to this event.

Treasure Hunting Items

Treasure-hunter’s Pick

You absolutely must have these picks in order to participate in the event. As mentioned previously, there are three different quests (two of them repeatable every 15 minutes) that will give you these picks. They also have a chance to be found as rewards from dig-sites.

Picks in Store

The third way to acquire these is through the LOTRO Store. In my opinion, it is not worth spending Turbine Points on these picks. They are 50 points each, or 5 for 200 points. Considering they are consumable items (they will disappear after you excavate a dig-site with them) and the fact that they don’t give you any advantage toward finding better dig-sites, it’s better to just wait out the quests and hope you get lucky when opening dig-sites.

Trained Cave-claw Cage

Release one of these trained cave-claws and it will lead you to the largest dig-site within 20 meters. It’s best to stand in the middle of an area with several dig-sites and then cross your fingers and hope for good luck. When you use the item, a cave-claw will appear and immediately start moving toward a dig-site. It will then pat the spot and a message will appear on your screen that says “The cave-claw has found a _____ dig-site”. (The blank in that statement will be filled in with the size of the dig-site.) You can get these items from the Treasure Hunt introduction quest, from the repeatable Berries quest, as random rewards found in dig-sites, or from Sigtír, the barter vendor in the camp. You will need 5 Buried Treasure Tokens to barter for 1 Trained Cave-claw Cage.

Note: For a few moments at least, no one else will be able to use the dig-site that your cave-claw has pointed out to you. Presumably this is to keep other people from just following a person’s cave-claws and then “stealing” the dig-site. Because of this, it’s recommended that you don’t use a cave-claw if you don’t actually have a treasure-hunter’s pick so that you don’t find a really good dig-site and make it so no one can use it.

Dowsing Gem

To use a dowsing gem, you  must select a dig-site (left click on it) and then use the gem. A message will pop up on your screen and in chat with a “reading” that tells you the size of the dig-site. You must keep the dig-site selected the whole time the dowsing gem is “reading” the site or else you will get an error message and have to start again. You can get these items from the Treasure Hunt introduction quest, from the repeatable Berries quest, as random rewards found in dig-sites, or from Sigtír, the barter vendor in the camp. You will need 1 Buried Treasure Token to barter for 1 Dowsing Gem.

The possible readings and their meanings are as follows:

  • You are getting a Very Weak reading = small dig-site
  • You are getting a Slight reading = medium dig-site
  • You are getting a Strong reading = large dig-site
  • You are getting a Very Strong reading = huge dig-site

Cave-claw Wrangler Deed


This deed may no longer be available as of August 2014. The domesticated cave claws are not able to be purchased from the reward vendor.

This deed requires you to hug 6 different types of cave-claws. The cave-claws used for this deed are not the trained Cave-claws that help you find buried treasure, but rather, a separate type that you barter for at the reward vendor. The Domesticated Cave-claw can be bartered for at a price of 30 Buried Treasure Tokens. It stays around for one minute and then it disappears for good. The cave-claw will be one of 6 random options for the deed. Anyone in the area can use the /hug emote on the cave-claw to get credit toward the deed.

Cave-claws you need to hug for this deed:

  • Harnessed Cave-claw
  • Tan-back Cave-claw
  • Green-beak Cave-claw
  • Pink-beak Cave-claw
  • Black-beak Cave-claw
  • Green-back Cave-claw

Note: The name of the cave-claw you must hug to get credit for the “Harnessed Cave-claw” is the “Domesticated Cave-claw”.


Some cosmetic items are exclusive to the treasure caches while others can only be found on the barter vendor.

Barter Vendor Rewards

Most of these items have a chance to drop from a dig-site or inside a treasure cache. I recommend not spending your tokens on these items until nearing the end of the event to see if you can find them with luck first.


Golden Cave Claw Mask
Golden Cave- Claw
500 Buried Treasure Tokens
Wooden Cave Claw Mask
Wooden Cave-Claw Mask
90 Buried Treasure Tokens
Jewellers Helm
Jeweller’s Helm
200 Buried Treasure Tokens
Treasure Hunters Pack
Treasure Hunter’s Pack
150 Buried Treasure Tokens
 Treasure Hunters Satchel
Treasure Hunter’s Satchel
60 Buried Treasure TokensNote: this looks like a RK satchel but will use the back slot on your character.


Harvest-brew Goat
1000 Buried Treasure Tokens

Housing Items

TrainedCaveClawTrained Cave-Claw
Large Yard Item
400 Buried Treasure Tokens
“A Trained Cave Claw”
Treasure ChestTreasure Chest
Small Furniture
30 Buried Treasure Tokens
“A chest filled with treasure”
Small Yard
60 Buried Treasure Tokens
“A dig-site from the Buried Treasure Event.”


  • Dowsing – 30 Buried Treasury Tokens
  • Gem Inspection – 250 Buried Treasure Tokens
  • Gold Panning – 100 Buried Treasure Tokens
  • Rich! –  300 Buried Treasure Tokens

Note 2 of the emotes in the video are Treasure Cache only rewards listed in the section below.

Cosmetic Pets

These tomes will teach you the skill to summon a pet cave-claw. These are available from the vendor but also have a chance to drop from Huge Caches.

Tome of the Treasure-seeking Cave-claw
500 Buried Treasure Tokens
Tome of the Tan-back Cave-claw
500 Buried Treasure Tokens
Tome of the Green-beak Cave-claw
500 Buried Treasure Tokens
Tome of the Pink-beak Cave-claw
500 Buried Treasure Tokens
Tome of the Black-back Cave-claw
500 Buried Treasure Tokens
Tome of the Green-back Cave-claw
500 Buried Treasure Tokens



Sturdy Steel Key
200 Buried Treasure TokensAn alternative to random drops and store purchases. You can earn a key in this mini-event for use on your lock boxes or future lock boxes.
Unearthed Sack
500 Buried Treasure TokensThere is no completely compiled listing of what this sack contains but it appears to be a random assortment of goodies. I’ve seen reports of a stack of medallions to a set of  store consumables being pulled from this bag. It’s a mystery prize and fairly costly token-wise but it appears that the items you get should be valuable.


Treasure Cache Only Rewards

The following items are rewards that have been found as exclusive to dig-site drops or inside treasure caches. This is the only way to find these particular items.

Treasure Hunters’ Rucksack
Bound to Account

  • Coin Flip
  • Counterfeit

See video above to see these emotes in action!


Random drop from Huge Treasure-caches only. All mounts are 250 morale and +68% speed. If you win the horse will automatically be applied to your skills (nothing will appear in your inventory).

Treasure Laden Goat
Note when received the item is called [Jackpot Goat] but it will be in your mount list as Treasure Laden Goat.
Treasure-laden Pony2
Treasure Laden Steed
Note when received the item is called [Jackpot Horse] but it will be in your mount list as Treasure Laden Horse / Pony.
Cave Claw
Cave-claw Masked Steed
, ,

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68 Responses to “Treasure Hunt Guide”

  1. Ariel Says:

    Several people on my server were also saying that there’s only one Huge dig site per round and that the round should immediately reset once it’s found. Yet more than once, multiple people uncovered Huge caches in the same round, and it didn’t reset immediately. Are you sure there’s only one Huge each round?


  2. Elahedor Says:

    Thanks for the guide! I was wondering if there was anything else available. it appears I’ve got everything I really want, except the coin flip emote, trained cave-claw decoration, treasure-laden horse, and cave-claw horse. I’m still working on getting enough tokens for the decoration, so maybe a horse or emote will drop again.


  3. CJ Says:

    I think the appearance of the cave-claw horse has changed. The ones I’ve seen have been grey dapple horses.


    • Ketani Says:

      Some of these pictures were from a beta test a while back, and it does seem that the appearance has changed since then. I haven’t been able to find any mounts other than the Treasure-Laden Horse, so I don’t have any more recent pictures of the other mounts.


  4. susan Says:

    I could have swore I got a mount from a large dig.. but I can not be sure.


    • Ketani Says:

      I think they were dropping from large dig-sites in the 2-hour preview they did a few months ago. Wasn’t able to confirm if it’s still possible this time around. you might not have imagined things. :D


      • Crell Says:

        I have yet to hear a single report of a large dropping a mount in 5.2. Huges have a 10% mount drop rate.

        /coinflip is at the medium+ level
        /counterfeit is at the large level


  5. mmicnova Says:

    one important fact related to strategy or whatever:
    at the beginning of the event (not applicable anymore since it’s over i think), for the love of god, don’t waste those 10 picks!

    plus, i wish i knew about the domesticated cave claw being the ahrnessed one. more people on my server have failed the deed because of that. usually someone would buy a cave claw and announce in OOC the release at camp, so everyone can come and hug it :D good, good people!

    i have heard rumors that the golden cave claw mask is huge drop only.
    also i have a suspicion that the cave claw mount dropped from a large, not a huge – in my case. i could be wrong about this, but that’s what i remember.

    can’t wait for next event of this type :)


    • Ketani Says:

      That makes sense on the golden mask; it’s listed as a “huge cache” item in the vendor’s sort menu. Same thing with the Rich! emote and I’ve only seen it in huge caches.


      • mmicnova Says:

        yes, i can confirm that the “rich” emote is only a huge drop. everyone that got it (myself included) said it was so.

        pretty nice emote though :)


  6. Damper Says:

    Thanks for the guide! Was a good round for me, one horse, couple of emotes (incl. Rich :D, which I found) and a stack of tokens for a next event. Friend of mine bought the trained cave-claw and that looks awesome in front of his house. Especially when it curls up to sleep :)

    Tokens stack to over one hundred btw, dunno exactly to how much, but they’ll only take up 1 spot in the vault.


  7. Tony Says:

    Supposedly there’s a caged shrew yard item too… although maybe the person meant caged cave-claw, I don’t know lol

    I really like the golden cave claw mask, I’m definitely going to try for that next time.


  8. Radian Says:

    Does the Trained Cave Claw Housing Item (Large Yard) have any animation? Like does the cave claw roam around outside of the cage?



    • Ketani Says:

      Yes, the Trained Cave-claw does move around. If I remember correctly, it’ll curl up like it’s taking a nap, then walk around a bit and stretch out.


  9. Gantoris Says:

    Something interesting to note. If you are digging at a site (I usually just burn my picks randomly after I used all my cave claws and gems) and someone comes by with a cave claw. It can lock you out of digging at the site. EVEN if you started digging before they used the cave claw.

    I had someone do this to me and I got the “don’t have permission” error mere moments before I completed digging because their cave claw selected the site I was digging at.


    • Ketani Says:

      I’ve had that happen to me, too. Also, even if you’ve just used a dowsing gem on a site, a cave-claw can lock you out of a site. Very frustrating if you’re digging or getting ready to dig and someone 20 meters away ends up claiming the site for themself.


    • Mobs Says:

      Happened to me too today. Found the huge one and started digging, then got kicked from it due to a cave-claw and lost it.. Bugged it, since this shouldn’t be allowed.


      • Goldenstar Says:

        This is happening by design.

        The person using the cave claw is not directing it. The cave claw just runs to the largest dig site in a radius around the owner. They get first dibs on digging up what their cave claw finds by rights using the cave claw.

        Otherwise you could follow someone and take the dig site the cave claw points out knowing it’s the largest dig site in the area. Making them use their resources and taking their prize.

        No one is cheating or stealing your dig sites when this happens. It’s a bummer if you are the one being bumped but it is allowed and is following the game rules properly.


  10. Khloin Says:

    It’s too bad that Treasure Hunter’s satchel is in the cloak slot. I’d love my Burglar to sport that along with his backpack. Didn’t they say they were going to give everyone a cosmetic satchel slot, not just RKs? Whatever happened to that?


    • Ketani Says:

      It is weird that they put it in the cloak slot. However, it makes it useable for everyone, so short of giving all toons a satchel slot, it’s not too bad. Fortunately, it will cosmetically cover a real RK satchel, so you don’t have to worry about having two satchels competing for the same spot on your hip. :D


  11. Harperella Says:

    I did this several times in the last 24 hours and I have these strategies to share:

    1) When its really really busy, form a fellowship and “camp” on a number of edge spawn points. Then have everyone use dowsing gems on them when the new round starts. Most people will avoid nodes that are already occupied in this method, assuming (correctly) that those players are checking them and leave them only if they are worthless.
    2) If its not crowded, use caveclaws to find the best spots. Make sure that you are in a spot with at least 5 dig sites in range.
    3) Use your caveclaws only at the beginning of a round. Later on, there are fewer good spots.
    4) Don’t dig the small stuff. Save your precious pick-axes for large and huge sites. (Though I did end up doing a bunch of small ones when it was super crowded)



    • Ellrion Says:

      i don’t understand your 4th point. How am i supposed to “save my pick-axes” when i can only get a single cave claw every 15 minutes *IF* there aren’t a bazillion people hunting for berries without using tokens… which i can’t get unless i’m using pick-axes.

      last night i couldn’t finish the berries quest in the two hours i was there before giving up, and i didn’t want to burn my precious tokens on dowsing gems or cave claws in the barter store (and in that time, i only managed to get to about 50 tokens)… soooo… it was “luck of the draw” for me twice every 15 minutes. i’m not sure i see how that can be avoided unless you somehow have the zone to yourself.


      • Hymne Says:

        You can buy more cave-claws from the Barter, they cost 5 tokens. You can buy more dowsing gems for 1 token each. After you have all items and emotes that you desire, using your (bound) tokens for cave-claws and dowsing gems is the way to optimize the use of your precious pick axes.


        • sonne Says:

          I’m a big fan of the trained cave-claws and I come out well ahead by using them. Here’s my strategy – don’t waste a pick on anything less than a Large or Huge chest.
          * I plan on using 3 ‘claws for every 2 picks.
          * Find two areas near each other where there are lots of sites nearby.
          * Wait until a round begins, release a ‘claw.
          * Dig the site only if it is Large or Huge. There is no profit in Mediums.
          * Rinse & repeat on the other area if nobody got there yet.
          * Use gems on your favourite out-of-the-way sites.
          * Wait for the next round.
          The tokens you find more than make up for the cost of ‘claws and are better profit and more items found compared to digging randomly.


      • Goreamir Says:

        I agree. I want to save up for the goat and emotes, and that is around 1450 tokens, what a grin, and spending 15 of them on each round is only going to make the grind that much worse. Someone gave advice to spend 5 tokens on the cave claws for each pickaxe you use, and you should end up making up for what you spent. Nnot in my case, I’m not convinced the cave claws actually go to the BEST dig site within range, they always seem to go straight to the nearest one, and they find a small dig site more than anything. I can plop on down in a spot surrounde dby a dozen dig sites, and it will just go to the closest one. which is usually small. I gained tokens faster by just digging blindly after I used up my claw(s).


        • Chiara Says:

          I use the same strategy, but w/o any dowsing gems.
          Spent half an hour in the event yesterday and proceeded like this.
          Make sure I have a cave claw, place myself in a spot that’s near a lot of dig sites and, at the beginning of a new round, use my cave claw. It usually finds a large, once a huge (that dropped a goat, woot!) and once a small I didn’t dig. At the end I had gained one mount, 40 tokens and 10 picks. I’m not interested in the tokens so I spend them all on cave claws but you can alternate this strategy with another one when you need to collect more picks, large dig sites and chests have a good chance to drop another pick.


  12. Hawkwind Says:

    Have you noticed that NPC dwarf saying something like “Don’t forget to have a lucky horseshoe in your pocket when you go hunting for treasure’ or something like that …
    Remember the Elebrandir’s Horseshoe pocket item mystery …


  13. Indyinin Says:

    Another great job folk. Love the site. This is one of the most useful Lotro sites out there.


  14. Beldyl Says:

    Great guide. Next time I’ll know how to better conserve those picks and launch my cave claws. For now, I can flip and pan for gold. Not bad for a few minutes of fun.

    I like these short and sweet special events.


  15. susan Says:

    cant tell you how much I love my yard cave claw, he is so so adorable. scratching him is a bit risky cuz of the prickles but hey….love is blind


  16. Pirote Says:

    Event restarted.

    Got piles of fluffy snow emote from a dig site


  17. Eiloness Says:

    What does the wording on the back of the rucksack translate to (if anything)?


  18. Eiloness Says:

    Anyone confirm that the Treasure-Laden goat works in Moria?


  19. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    THEY HAVE KEYS?!?! That is awsome I havent done this event since they first tested it around this time last year when i got all the cosmetics and horses on all of my 3 toons but I guess I will try it again just to grab a key or two to save for any LBs I get.


  20. ciaridor Says:

    hey guys been looking around the dig sites, and i want to know can u get a cave craw pet? not like a housing item but like something that will run around with you on your quests?


    • susan Says:

      I dont think so, only the temp ones you can buy off the barter vendor at the treasure hunt area. I got the barter goat for my hobbit, so still am unsure of the size of it for a human/elf. It looks just like the one portrayed by the npc.


  21. susan Says:

    erm. sorry for the double post but here is a picture of the goat


  22. Goreamir Says:

    OK, there have been a lot of annoying mechanics in the various festival events that manage to rip you off in some way, but this takes the cake. If you drop your cave claw, and the round ends as the claw is out and runnign to a dig site, you lose the cave claw. There is a few seconds of window whee you can still collect the treasure from a site after the round ends, but about three times now I have lost a large cache to this. The claw found the cache after the round ended, I dug it, and before I could click “loot”, poof, gone. Steam coming out of my ears at this point.


  23. Wolftear Says:

    A kinnie got a Worn Symbol of the Elder King from an unearthed sack other day


  24. Chuckorn Says:

    Caylia of Arkenstone, on of our key PUG raid healers, reported winning a Worn Symbol of the Elder King from an Unearthed Sack. She now has a shiny new Minstrel book.




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