Skirmisher of Middle-earth Meta Deed

May 18, 2012

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Pineleaf has prepared this video to explain the Skirmisher of Middle-earth Meta Deed that is new with Update 7.

To complete this deed, you need to complete all the skirmish encounter deeds including for the new skirmish “Storm on the Methedras”.

Rewards are:

  • “Skirmisher of MIddle-earth” title
  • /bringiton emote

View this video on YouTube.

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17 Responses to “Skirmisher of Middle-earth Meta Deed”

  1. Kaelin Says:

    Special title, meh.

    Special emote? Eff yeah.


  2. Peter Says:

    Notice his shadow as the emote goes off…looks normal, then all of a sudden it is stretched way off to the toon’s right. Weird.


  3. Elahedor Says:

    Pineleaf: Come to Vilya and host skraids! : )


  4. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    I’ll have to get vip just for this deed


  5. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    Thanks for letting me see this emote that’s just out of my reach until this encounter bug gets sorted



    • Bob Says:

      What encounter bug?

      I wonder if there’s a meta-deed for the lieutenant slayers and the survival deeds too. Those really deserves some horses.


      • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

        Goblin Fire pot in 21st. I’ve done it more than once now and it refuses to credit (Yes, the instance is not grey.)


        • Bob Says:

          I just got the goblin pot credit without issue.

          Did you try doing it on the same level as your character?

          Can’t say for certain wrt the goblin pot, but for the arrows in Ford of Bruinen, the skirmish needs to be set to the same (or higher) level as the character for credit to register. I’m not sure why it’s different from the other “kill named mob” type of encounters, which work fine as long as they’re not grey, but since this goblin pot has a similar “interactive object” nature, it probably has the same level restrictions too.


  6. Hobbitmeister Says:

    ROFL! I love how he said, “Now I’m ready to face ANY forces that Sauran sends to me.”
    GO Pineleaf! Show ‘em that they’re not messing with some ordinary hobbit! ;)


  7. firedo Says:

    Thanks a lot.
    Your work is as always the best.


  8. Glimorac Says:

    Just wondering – not quite clear on this, does this require you to complete all of the Survival Barrow-Downs deeds as well?


  9. Samaire Says:

    No, it doesn’t. Just the encounter deeds for the other 18 skirmishes.


  10. téaparty Says:

    Okay, I’ve been working on the meta-deed ever since this post. I’m down to 13 encounters, with only 7 skirmishes completed. Are there group-size restrictions on any of the encounters? For example, in Attack at Dawn will I only get Krampum if I’m in a 6 or 12 man?


  11. Moranae Says:

    Storm on Methedras – Encounter Helechul
    Anyone met this encounter yet? after 30+ attempt at level 75 solo, i still did not met it.

    Anything i should know or do to complete my deed?

    Thank you


  12. UMP Says:

    Moranae – Did you ever find Helechul or a way to make him spawn? Sadly the web has nothing on him and I’m in the same boat, running skirm after skirm trying to get him up. Tier II and up only as well.


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