Bullroarer 7.1 Release Notes

May 24, 2012


The release notes for update 7.1 have been posted for the Bullroarer server. This is the public test server. Items in this list are not on the live servers and are subject to change.

The majority of this patch are bug fixes and adjustments to correct things from the known issues list.

Some additional things seen here that are new (at least to me) is the addition of Mystery Cloaks to go along with the Mystery Hauberks. Also all potion vendors have been modified to hold all tiers of potions so you can pick up what you need at any potion vendor.

Read more about this patch yourself!

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7 Responses to “Bullroarer 7.1 Release Notes”

  1. Tony Says:

    Potion vendor change is welcome. I kind of wish potions didn’t have tiers at all, but I guess it makes sense for a Level 75 to spend more on them than a Level 5.


  2. Goreamir Says:

    Still no fix for the bugged Wailing Hills quest line, where if you do quests in a certain order the NPC bugs out and won’t provide the next quest.


    • mmicnova Says:

      yes, this is a known issue and i was really hoping for a fix, as wailing hills is all i need now for the complete set of deeds :(


  3. davidt Says:

    “The Shire Board of Health has taken special interest in the sudden spike in obesity rates among portions of the Hobbit population. As a result, some Hobbits were denied Elevensies in an effort to help them slim down and lead healthier lives.”



  4. Caliath Says:

    If it aint broke….. DONT FIX IT!



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