Player Achievements for the Week

April 6, 2012

Player Achievements

Each week we ask you to share your successes in Middle Earth with the rest of the community. Post a comment letting us know what you’ve accomplished this past week.

There is no podcast this week as we are on vacation but you are still welcome to share your accomplishments with the CSTM community!

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14 Responses to “Player Achievements for the Week”

  1. Azakael Says:

    Athecael, level 46 RK of Nimrodel hit level 46 this week, Master of the Guild with Weaponsmith guild *and* joined the Legendary Item grind. He just has to finish Vol II Book 1 and he will be with everyone else on the LI grind.
    In *totally* unrelated news, Alexahil, Level 75 Champ having waited patiently for an alt to hit Master of the Guild with the Weaponsmith guild, now has his Level 75 2nd Age sword.


  2. Byrdori Says:

    While fighting Orcs in the Pits of Iron, Byrdori, my Runekeeper, who reached level 65 the day before the cap was raised, reached Level 75! This makes LOTRO not only the MMO I have played for longest (since the day of Free to Play launch), but the only one in which I have level capped a character after having the cap raised.

    In addition, my four man regular group got back together after an approximately three month hiatus, and we completed all the deeds in the Shire, Breeland, and Ered Luin together. It was tedious, but it felt really good when we were done.

    Cheers and Happy Questing.
    Byrdori, Council of the Secret Fire, Landroval


  3. Damsadan Says:

    My kinship is starting to do the Isengard wings. I just wanted to see anyone had any advice for the instance in general or for my warden who’s main tanking. thanks in advance


  4. Thurinphir Says:

    working on my minstrels again, started with Quailenden getting level 20 and the [Cloak of the Cluck] (thanks to the helpful Landroval community!)

    Mrweird (first character ever) hit 67.5 in Starkmoor and (since my protector skirmish soldier was only rank 10) changed to an on-level Sage (rank 22 now), still doing yellow quests in Dunland

    -Mrweird, Little Wonder of The Footsteps of Doom kin on Crickhollow
    -Quailenden of the Stoors, kinless on Landroval


    • Thurinphir Says:

      Mrweird is now 68, the Galtrev training dummies are only red now!


      • Thurinphir Says:

        Mrweird is almost 71, at which point he will be able to do the rest of the epic books in The Gap/Isengard

        so excited about the instances I’ll unlock when I hit cap!!!


  5. Kelly Says:

    Thanks to Turbine i got my 52nd mount and a Pax East 5th anniversary Lord of the Rings Online hoodie……thanks Turbine


  6. Ivaneus Says:

    I made a podcast! And it. was. awesome. (Goldenstar should probably read that part).

    Anyway, in ACTUAL achievements. I and several friends (for a total of 5 players) went toe to toe with half a raid of freeps in the Ettenmoors for ~20 minutes and mopped the floor with them. They finally killed us when all of their DPSers were too close to the GV one-shotters to harass and we had used up all of our cooldowns.

    Words fail to accurately describe how great it was so I am making a video of it that will go on YouTube sometime.


    P.S. Tell Merric to remember to put both Roundtables on his calendar so he doesn’t miss them!

    P.P.S. Goldenstar, you should attend the warg one to learn stuff about the puppies.

    P.P.P.S. How did you enjoy this new communication method? Would you like to complete a quick survey to help us improve the quality of our service?


  7. Beldwyl Says:

    Beldwyl, lvl 75 hunter on Landroval, finished Westfold Master Weaponsmith and Bellcari, lvl 35 mini on Landroval, finished Westfold Master Scholar. Belwynne, lvl 54 LM on Landroval, got to the last chapter of Vol 1 Chapter 14 (the Tham Mirobel fight) and, well, she’s still there! Darn hornblowers. Gotta say the epic quest chain is such a unique and important part of the game I really recommend taking the time to run your characters thru it.


  8. mephet Says:

    I got out of Moria (for now) and have been running around Lothlórien. It’s absolutely perfect: the scenery is gorgeous and the quests fun and involving. Reminds me of the Shire in some ways (also one of my favourite zones). I won’t be in a hurry to leave here.
    - Adeleine, level 58 warden, Landroval


  9. Rorgg Says:

    Got myself a Draigoch cloak on my main. It looks so good, I even turned my cloak graphic back on (I’m sure temporarily).

    75 Man Minstrel
    Council of the Secret Fire, Landroval


  10. Filfo Brandybuck Says:

    This week Felost Runekeeper and Member of Band of Hope on Landorval. Completed Vol 1: Shadows of Angmar entered Moria and Got to the Beautfil Wood of Laurelindorenan (also called Lothlorien).


  11. Kavaesthyr Says:

    Ioreidhel, my loremaster alt, hit lvl 45 and finished all class quests getting his wonderful eagle pet.
    Thanks given to my main, lvl 72 warden Kavaesthyr, for soloing Carn Dûm and Urugarth in order to get those unique class items :D

    Now I feel Ioreidhel needs a quality blade to face Angmar final content properly.


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