Looking back at Galadriel’s Predictions

April 9, 2012

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One of the big talking points about Update 6 was the new story. Everyone was crazy about the dream and how cool it was but not very many people tried to figure out what the dream meant. I went looking through LotRO’s forums and came across the predictions that Galadriel made back in Vol 2.

(read link before reading on)

It turns out that each class had a different prediction with a different message from Galadriel. Each one points to a major event either in LotRO or in LotR. This leads me to wonder if each class will have a different path when the climax hits LotRO. Will the first choise we made way back before level one lead to a different path and even outcome of the story? If we all will have the same path then why did Galadriel make our predictions different?

Also if each class had the same story then how will all these predictions come true? Several of the events talked about in the predictions happen within hours of eachother across a landmass that would take several days to cross. The only way for Turbine to tell all the stories at the same time and to keep it realistic is to have the players class decide where they go.

The only problem with the idea of each class going to a different area is that Turbine has never done that before. Your class has never really influenced the story until the interpretations. The only way I can see this working out though is if each class has a different path. It is the only way that will make sence for time accuracy and why else would they go to the trouble of having different dreams for different classes?

If Turbine does create a different story for each class it would be great. Right now the only real difference between classes is the way they fight but if Turbine created a special story designed with your class in mind it would make the epic story they are telling even better by adding depth and meaning to the class players chose.

What do you think? Will Turbine make a story just for your class? Do you even want one?

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16 Responses to “Looking back at Galadriel’s Predictions”

  1. Thurinphir Says:

    ending with a 24-man class specific raid would be awesome… could just imagine 24 hobbit wardens all lined up (lvl 15 class quest style) with their javelins ready in the ambush posture…

    if it does go into individual class places, the many duo teams I’ve seen/heard about will not like it, the continuation of the dream may just be like the 45 (really lvl 50) class quests

    (haven’t read about or had the dream yet…)


    • Thurinphir Says:

      even if Turbine did make class specific instances, they’d probably be skirms or scalable down to, at most, 3


  2. Anon Says:

    .. but the Update 6 story, III.6.1 “Troubled Dreams”, has nothing to do with that thread, which details and speculates about the predictions of Galadriel when you’re in her garden in II.6.9 “The Mirror of Galadriel”. I guess you haven’t even played through either. Some of “The Mirror of Galadriel” predictions have already come true (Hunter, Burglar, Lore-Master..), and some haven’t


  3. Elleby Says:

    I’m confused. What does the predictions have to do with the dream in the new book? The predictions happened back in Vol 2, the end of Book 6 I believe. These were things she saw while looking in her mirror, not dreams.


  4. Andy Says:

    Class specific would be an interesting thing although again eyes would be turned swtor’s direction as the most obvious example of content and instances written specifically for a set class. Not sure if turbines writing team is quite up to the task of weaving single stories into a larger tapestry. If it became that choices at low level affected later outcomes then you’d have the majority of the population unhappy as they’d have missed out on that part or had a decision forced on them.

    Vol 3 book6 was good to start with the dream sequence and at first glance seemed to be a way of reminding people what had happened up to that point before leading them to the main image pointing to what will be. I expect a certain regal someone to be waving the most prominent image from that instance in the next expansion and beyond. Trying to be vague here so as not to spoil too much.

    It also served as a better change of direction that previous ones where you got a letter to go visit person x. Up til then you’d been heading towards the isen and it would make little sense to suddenly go back and around, unless it was to get more of the dunedan killed off in suitably idiotic ways. If aragorn played lotro he’d have told all the grey company to just stay at home to save themselves the embarassment.

    Ending at the isen turbine had a couple of choices. Either have the player racing sarumans forces to helms deep having been collected by gandalf and eomers warband or picking up the fellowships trail and coming to helms deep via edoras with theoden.

    If they’d gone with the former then the reason for getting to amon hen would seem to be be more contrived and you’d be at helms deep around the midpoint of the next 10. Assuming the next expansion is going to be 10levels worth. The latter option allows them to make helms deep more of a raid potential although I’d really like to see it as a skirmish and open to more people, BUT then again wulfs cleft would have made a good skirm and its potential was seemingly ignored completely.


    • Thurinphir Says:

      as a side note, I thought the entire southern map of the North Downs (the giant orc camp) would make a great instance


      • Andy Says:

        With fornost being closed for renovations, one of the rumours is that the entire north downs is getting an evendim style revamp/update. If it is getting one that would be good as evendim went from everswim to a must have quest pack and a similar thing wouldnt hurt northdowns at all.

        Attack at dawn skirmish takes place in one of the orc camps in the zone but I can never remember which one it is. I suspect pineleaf may well be able to give the details on that.


  5. josh13333 Says:

    Hi! As much as I feel accomplished to have a thread I started featured on A Casual Stroll To Mordor, as a couple others have pointed out, the dreams I was referring to were unrelated to Update 6.

    However, it still is a cool, ongoing thing(the dreams that is), so if you don’t want to scrap the article, then you could just change around your opening and the title and maybe keep track of when some come true?


  6. Cirded Says:

    The article is incorrect. Since it doesn’t appear too much hard work went into it, the best thing to do might be to remove it.


  7. Azakael Says:

    Looking at that link, it makes me happy to see that Turbine didn’t forget about the predictions from Galadriel’s mirror. When I got the voice over for my Hunter, I was like, “Cool!” Now that I know my Champion is going to get a VO as well, I’m even more excited. It also makes me think that Turbine has a lot more of the Epic Quest planned out than I had expected.


  8. harperella Says:

    I don’t think there will ever be truly class specific epic story branches. But we’ve had some class-specific content in the last book if you hadn’t noticed… When Saruman calls you up into the Tower of Orthanc, he tempts each class with something different. As I recall, my minstrel had a peek at the Palantir, my Loremaster picked up a “Mysterious Tome” in his library, and my warden just got “the voice” with Gun Ain looking on and promising to kill me.



  9. Elenluin Says:

    The article is not incorrect. When we looked into Galadriel’s mirror back in that chapter each class was offered a vision. The ones for Hunter, Lore-Master and Burglar have come true. When this happens the vision text appears on the screen. Made-of-Lions has also commented on them.
    (SPOILERS)You should check out this older thread with screenshots and speculation.


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