Anniversary Festival Extended to May 9th!

April 27, 2012

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Turbine sent out an email announcing that the Anniversary Festival has been extended. This weekend was to be the final weekend of this year’s festival but now we have until May 9th to play with fireworks, smash our friends with bats or collect envelopes!

See our 5th Anniversary Festival Guide to help you navigate this celebration.

Source: LOTRO e-mail


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38 Responses to “Anniversary Festival Extended to May 9th!”

  1. Marolytrien Says:

    So…that probably means that the Spring Festival is delayed for some reasons? Reasonable and right decision, but spring festival in late May/ early June is bizzare (for any given explanation)


  2. Artie Says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooo…. didn’t the frostbluff thingy sink into their heads?

    No no no no. Sigh… and this was an amazing festival – no troubles, no jerks, great fun. Now they will ruin a good thing making it far too long.

    “No wine for you, Turbine!”

    What does Goldenstar think of yet another extended fest?


    • Ian Says:

      Talk about making an issue where there is none.

      Ow, stubbed my toe nail, damn you devs you ruined it all!


    • Goldenstar Says:

      I’m ok with it. It’s a fun festival and easy to jump in and out of. Like I said in the podcast, I stored up envelopes on Goldenstar so I am done with that quest within seconds of logging in and then can move on to the other non-character enhancing stupid stuff I enjoy doing in game.

      And they’re extending it a week. Meh not a big deal. If I’m done, I’ll move on like I did with winterfest.

      One thing that does strike me as odd is the date. May 9th is a Wednesday. Festivals typically turn on/off on Tuesdays. This festival was an exception turning on on a Monday – that also happened to include a patch. Very interesting…


      • Artie Says:

        Bothers me about the Spring fest. The one I have been waiting for seems to keep getting pushed back. Ugh. Maybe the kin can get together and monster play instead of more Anniversary grinding for a change.

        Like the festivals but they are turning out to be more work than fun when they go on too long. I twas fun listening to you Golden during the podcast be as frustrated as allot of us about Frostfest.

        Am I totally digging the ban on obnoxious emotes in festival areas. Hope they implement this during the haunted burrows.


      • Felaros Says:

        They might be trying to shake things up because if they become too predictable it could become boring.


  3. Mephet Says:

    Seeing as how I’ll be spending this weekend glued to the GW2 beta, I’m very happy about this :D


  4. Cadd Says:

    Yeah, I’d kind of like to get some rest from festivals before the Springfest, but it sucks if the springfest is delayed even more!


    • Goldenstar Says:

      We don’t actually know that spring fest is delayed. There was no date given, just that it was going to start in May.


      • Cadd Says:

        True, I had somehow gotten May 15 stuck in my head as starting date, but on closer inspection that seemed to only be speculation.


  5. Moryel Silverarrow Says:

    I wonder how much of the decision to do this was affected by the Guild Wars 2 beta this weekend. I know that’s where I’m going to be focusing my time for the next few days and I’m thrilled that I will be able to try to get a few more maps from the Anniversary festival when I get back to LotRO.

    I do have one question though, do we know if the double xp will be extended too? I had a kinnie say that it was but I wasn’t sure if that was just a rumor or not.


    • Tony Says:

      The e-mail says:

      “100% XP bonus to all monster kills April 24th – 30th”

      I think that might be longer than originally announced, but I’m not positive.


    • Goldenstar Says:

      I’ve not seen any extension on the time for double exp. It was always listed as 24-30th.


  6. Tony Says:

    I find it weird when people are bothered about this. It ensures as many people get to do it as possible. If I’m someone who missed a festival because I couldn’t play for a week that would stink — I doubt anyone in that situation has a lot of sympathy for people who did festival events for 2 weeks and are just sick of it. Just go do something else lol


    • Artphil Says:

      Agree. I did the Anniversary first 3 days enough to get Firewirks horse and Master Blaster title for my RK.( I own Barter Town!)

      Then I’ve been leveling Alts regularly. I like the tokens it’s added loot for sure. No complaints here.


  7. Valiant Turtle Says:

    Yay! Almost all my toons except my main have found /toast. I must have /toast on him!


  8. Ketani Says:

    My favorite thing about this festival is the world drop tokens. I’ve been able to store up a TON of marks by turning those babies in. :D


    • Tony Says:

      I’ve been thinking about doing that too. I’ve been just trading for gifts, but I never get anything neat.


      • Beryline Says:

        I have received some neat stuff in those gift boxes. Fireworks recipes for scholars and level 6 relics come to mind. The cost isn’t always worth it, but I keep buying them, hoping to get the last 2 colors of fireworks!


    • Goreamir Says:

      Yeah, I’m fine with this extension, the token lotteries have been a gold mine for marks. I’ve turned in for about 6000 so far between all of my alts, since I win a few every day. The only ones I turn in for gift boxes are the Calenard tokens.


  9. scott Says:

    Hey, I’m loving this. More chances to get those horses out of the Invitation Quest. (I’ve gotten two dusky/warden horses) AND more tokens that I can turn into marks from environmental mobs. Better than running skrimishes these days, which I am soooo sick of. Hey Turbine, can we get a new skirmish for Update 7?


  10. Andy Says:

    Saw the extension and thought I’d have more time to get the toast emote, and then got it today. My marks stash is up to 16k or so and at the rate I’ve been getting them may well be able to do a medallion upgrade session for another bit of the set gear.

    Was lucky enough to win a lossoth steed but it was on my f2p account and on a different server so maybe I’ll get lucky on the main one.

    Doubt it’s to do with the GW2 beta weekend as the big impact thing for that would be the lotro xp gain which as far as we know ends on the 30th.


  11. Icehawke Says:

    This is good since my little sister decided to get married this weekend. ;)


  12. Hobbitmeister Says:

    Awesome! More time to try to get those mounts for my mains which have been having a terrible streak of luck. Many of my lesser alts already have a mount from this celebration having got them after a couple of trys. And I got them without the silly exploit (which I hope Turbine does something about).

    Turbine, if you’re listening….let them continue their exploits for the %th Anniv. and then after the event ends, take away all their tokens/new Anniv. cosmetics…and especially take away their LossLoth/DuskWatch mounts. Will serve them right.


    • Andy Says:

      Wasnt aware you could exploit it and from a little googling it doesnt seem that bad, latency is such that I usually go for the stationary ones over the floaty ones.

      The thing thats looted is the same and it’s that item the goodies come from so I cant see them doing much about peoples wins. Best they can do is sort the pathing but it’d be more worthwhile sorting the same thing from happening to skirmish soldiers.


  13. khorgrim Says:

    As someone who was too busy to really play during the festival, this is welcome news.


  14. Sierra Says:

    Well, since I just got the /toast emote for the first time last night.. on an alt I almost never play.. now I have more chances to get that on my mains!


  15. Thorcar Says:

    Cool. Maybe I can actually win a horse by then


  16. hoolygen Says:

    Awesome, I’ve been working crazy hours and busy this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to log on next week and check things out.


  17. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    I really can’t understand why some people complain. It’s not something like you have to do; you like the festival you can do it, you don’t (or you’ve already completed your festival goal) you can just ignore it and move on.


  18. Brerod Says:

    I hope the lotteries continue as well. I’ve exchanged nearly all my metal tokens for marks, well over 10,000 now. Plus 5 fast steeds from the envelopes. Now all my regular chars are riding in style. You don’t need an exploit to get plenty of envelopes. Here’s hoping the rest contain /toast!


  19. James Says:

    I keep hearing about the exploit but everyone who knows it is keeping it tight lipped :P

    I haven’t been very lucky but hopefully since they’ve extended the festival I might get a steed or two yet.


  20. Madmickel Says:

    Sad that the +100% XP boost seems not to be prolonged… Was a lot of fun to level my alts with increased speed during the last days :)


  21. Ariadneth Says:

    I have an “off-topic” question. I did not receive this mail, neither others with deals or information, but I still get the store confirmations on my sales. I have been searching where to change this since long ago I did receive this kind of notifications but not anymore, for several months. Can anyone tell me how to get them again? I was unable to find the place to change it :( (thank God we have CSTM to be updated! :D )


  22. Gonadius Says:

    I’m hugely grateful the festival was extended, as I was unable to give it a spin for more than about an hour total before yesterday, so would have missed out on quite a bit and been exceedingly grumpy because of it.


  23. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    I love that this festival has been extended. Even though the double experience stopped when it was supposed to, tokens still drop. Which makes leveling alts much more fun since you are getting marks at the same time.



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