LOTRO Yule Festival Guide 2010

December 14, 2010

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Yule Festival is running this year from December 14th, 2010 – January 11, 2011. This guide is here to help you find all the events available. The currency of this festival is Yule Festival Tokens and Frostbluff Coins (can also be turned in for Yule tokens). Collecting these can help you buy the goodies listed in the rewards section below.

This year also brings the new festival region Winter-home full of quests and goodies! The Glorious Beer Fight does not return this year but we are told it will appear again at a later date. We assume in another festival.

The quests are mostly broken up into five major regions in Middle Earth.

What is not included in this guide
The festivals of Middle Earth include certain quests that appear with each and every festival. Please see our guide on these General Festival Quests for help with those events. This would include the


  • Honored Yule Friend: Complete 30 quests in Winter-Home for the Yule Festival – 2 Yule Festival Tokens
  • A Monstrous Feast: complete all the quests in the eating contest 15 times for the title “Feast-Beast”
  • Raining Snowballs: win the snowball fight 15 times on easy and 5 times on hard for the title “Snow-beast”
  • Several title deeds for being in the play – See the Frostbluff Theater section below for details.
  • Such Generosity: complete the quest “A Charitable Spirit” 10 times to receive the title “The Openhanded” and 50 frostbluff coins.
  • Frostbluff Flower Petals: Throw flowers at actors. Several tiers to this one.
    • Tier 1 throw 5 times – 4 frostbluff coins, 5 TP
    • Tier 2 throw 10 times – 4 frostbluff coins, grants title “Petal Pusher”, 5 TP
    • Tier 3 throw 25 times – 8 frostbluff coins and a non-consumable “Flower Petals” with a 1m cool down timer, 5 TP
  • Frostbluff Rotten Fruit: Throw rotten fruit at actors. Same tier structure as the flower petals. Tier 2 grants title “Fruit Hucker”. Tier 3 gives 8 frostbluff coins (previous tiers give 4) and a non-consumable “Rotten Fruit” with a 1m cool down timer. All three tiers give 5 tp each
    • Tier 1 throw 5 times – 4 frostbluff coins, 5 TP
    • Tier 2 throw 10 times – 4 frostbluff coins, grants title “Fruit Hucker”, 5 TP
    • Tier 3 throw 25 times – 8 frostbluff coins and a non-consumable “Rotten Fruit” with a 1m cool down timer, 5 TP


Winter-home is the new event for this year’s Yule Festival. It is in a completely new zone that is accessed by special festival stable-masters in one of the four major cities of Bree, Michel Delving, Celondim, or Thorin’s Hall. The festival stable-master stands directly next to the city’s normal stable-master.

A lot has been added this year including a theater event and a snowball fight! The primary currency used while in Winter-home is the Frostbluff Coin. If you are short of Yule Tokens you can turn in 4 coins for 1 token.

An Invitation to the Festival FestivalAnnouncer
Quest Starter: Letter in your Mailbox
Reward: 1 Frostbluff Coin
This quest starter will appear in your mailbox and direct you to a festival stable-master in one of the four major cities of Bree, Michel Delving, Celondim, or Thorin’s Hall.  These special stable-masters only take you to Winter-home and are located near the city’s normal stable-master.You only need to visit one for the quest but you’ll be able to use any of them as they work like normal stable-masters.
The Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
Quest Giver: Albert Yule
Level: 10+
Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
  • Speak with the mayor of town about the festivites. (12.1N, 95.3W)
  • Speak with Carolyn Goodnough (next to mayor)
  • Speak with Cecil Voller at Snowball Field (13.1N, 95.0W)
  • Speak with Mabel Mitford back near the Mayor (12.2N, 95.3W)
  • Speak with Guard Kember near gate (11.9N, 95.2W)
  • Speak with Hobbit outside G.L.O.B.E. theater (12.1N, 95.5W)
  • Speak with Ona Kay (12.0N 95.3W)
  • Speak with Gareth Rust (12.0N, 95.7W)
  • Speak with Daley Utteridge (12.0N, 95.6W)
  • Return to Mayor
Stuffing the Stuffed WinterberryBush
Quest Giver: Mabel Mitford
Level: 10+
Reward: 4 Frostbluff Coins
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
  • Collect Fresh winterberries – near cabin 12.7N, 93.4W
  • collect eggs from pampered chickens – Cluckland 13.3N, 94.6W
  • collect pampered mushrooms – in greenhouse 11.8N, 94.3W
  • make fresh bread at the servants oven – 12.4N, 95.6W
Unwilling Firewood GrouchyTree
Quest Giver: Mabel Mitford
Level: 10+
Reward: 4 Frostbluff Coins
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
Collect 9 pieces of firewood from the best trees.
Drops off “Grouchy Trees” in The Grumpwood (13.6N, 93.9W). Level 10 walking troll creatures.
Empty Keg Emergency ThirstyPatron
Quest Giver: Basil Wyndham (12.2N, 95.3W)
Level: 10+
Reward: 4 Frostbluff Coins
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
Pick up a keg from the servants area near the oven. You must deliver the keg to the Thirsty Patron (12.3N, 95.4W) without being seen by a watcher.
The Biggest Stomach of Them All EatingContest
Quest Giver: Ona Kay
Level: 10+
Reward: Frostbluff Coins at each table
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
This is a food eating race that you participate in. There are tables of food and you must eat 5 things, check in with the announcer and run to the next station. There are 5 stations in total. There are a couple tricks to completing this race!

The first trick to beating the timer on this is to avoid eating the bread and pies. They take longer to consume and weigh you down. Stick to the mushrooms, berries and eggs.

Eating Contest Debuffs:

  • Berries: -1% run speed (4m)
  • Mushrooms: -3% run speed (4m)
  • Eggs: -5% run speed (4m)
  • Pie: -10% run speed (4m)
  • Bread: -15% run speed (4m)
  • Mystery Drink: Removes all debuffs OR -60% run speed (20s)

The second trick to share is that you DO NOT have to start when Ona says go. If the table is particularly packed with participants trying to gobble up the same food at once it’s likely someone will fail just for food not spawning fast enough or only pie is left. Here’s the pro-tip: the first table has no timer. You can just stand there and wait for everyone to clear off and the food to respawn before you begin eating.

Eating Contest Rewards:

  • 1st table: no coins
  • 2nd table: 2 Frostbluff coins
  • 3rd table: 3 Frostbluff coins
  • 4th table: 4 Frostbluff coins
  • 5th table: 4 Frostbluff coins
  • Full run = 13 Frostbluff coins

This quest is available again approximately 6 minutes after the last race has started and you can repeat this quest as many times as you like (win or lose). Ona will give a one minute warning text before the quest begins.

Tidying Up Mess
Quest Giver: Basil Wyndham
Level: 10+
Reward 4 Frostbluff Coins
Repeatable: Daily
Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
  • Pick up dirty dishes
  • clean up reeking garbage
  • clean up liquid spillsThere are many locations throughout the town that have tables full of messes.  No timers or limitations, just walk around and clean up the tables.

    Tables that are dirty are the same ones used for the eating competition quest “The Biggest Stomach of Them All”

  • Making Mischief Fireworks
    Quest Giver: Gareth Rust
    Level: 10+
    Reward: 4 Frostbluff Coins
    Repeatable: Daily
    Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
    You are to distract patrons of the festival with fireworks and then pick-pocket 8 of them while they stare at the fireworks display. The fireworks is located at the stairs overlooking the festival square (12.2N, 95.4W)

    After setting them off patrons will have rings over their heads for you to click on them. Do not worry about the watcher or any of the patrons catching on to your deeds. Simply click them all as quickly as you can as they will eventually wander off when the show is over.

    A Charitable Spirit beggar
    Quest Giver: Daley Utteridge
    Level: 10+
    Reward: none
    Repeatable: Daily
    Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
    Daley asks you to donate a total of 10 Frostbluff coins to various people in town. 2 coins to each person. This quest is not available if you have accepted “Moving them Off” quest but you can pick up this quest after completing “Moving them Off” if you wish.

  • Barret Nowell 11.9N, 95.3W
  • Ted Ives 12.0N, 95.5W
  • Regina Judson 12.1N, 95.6W
  • Jack Judson 12.2N, 95.5W
  • Bill Hyde 12.3N, 95.5WThere is no reward for this (in fact you’re giving away tokens) except for that of the good feeling inside that you’ve helped some poor folk down on their luck. However, this quest will count towards the “Honored Yule Friend” deed.

    There is a hidden deed associated with this quest. Completing it 10 times will grant you the title “The Openhanded” as well as 50 frostbluff coins.

  • Moving Them Off
    Quest Giver: Guard Kember
    Level: 10+
    Reward: 4 Frostbluff Coins
    Repeatable: Daily
    Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
    You are to chase off the same 5 beggars from “A Charitable Spirit” quest above. Sort of the opposite feel good feeling but this one rewards some frostbluff coins.

    Final Quests: Help the Poor or the Rich

    AlbertYuleWhen you complete 30 quests in Winter-Home, you complete the deed ‘’Honoured Yule-friend’’ that gives you 2 Yule Festival tokens. It also unlocks the final quests of Winter-Home.

    The final quests of Winter-Home are given by the NPC Albert Yule. He asks you to choose between helping the poor or the rich citizens of Frostbluff. Choosing one quest makes you ineligible to complete the other one (although you can come back and do it on an alt). You get to preview of both cosmetic items they give. Choosing one side will lead you along a short quest line before you finally get your hands on the cosmetics.

    These quests are a one time deal, they are not dailies!

    ShabbyTunicShabbyDressSelf-Sacrifice: Support the Poor
    Quest Giver: Albert Yule
    Level: 10+
    Reward: cosmetics, 5 Yule Tokens & Title “The Blameless”
    Repeatable: No
    Pre-requisite: Complete Honoured-Yule Friend deed.

    Completing this quest will grant you a full beggar’s outfit of shabby clothing. You have a choice of a tunic or a robe for the chest piece.

    excusiterobeexcusitetunicGain and Glory: Support the Rich
    Quest Giver: Albert Yule
    Level: 10+
    Reward: cosmetics, 5 Yule Tokens & Title “Miser”
    Repeatable: No
    Pre-requisite: Complete Honoured-Yule Friend deed.

    Completing this quest will grant you a full set of extravagant clothing. You have a choice of a robe or tunic for the chest piece.

    The Frostbluff Theater


    The Frostbluff Theater
    Quest Giver: Hobbit (12.2N 95.5W)
    Level: 10+
    Reward: 4 Frostbluff Coins
    Repeatable: Twice Daily
    Pre-requisite: Yule Celebration of Winter-Home
    Attend a performance of the Frostbluff Theater.

    The Frostbluff Theater has two parts to it: The audience member and the actors. As soon as 3 players are in the theatre, a representation of the play can start. If there are more than 3 players in the theatre, 3 random players are selected among the audience to become actors in the presentation.

    Because of the 3 person limit, I do advise you to do this early in the festival season or be prepared to beg some kinnies to do it with you. Events like these are typically wildly popular at the start and then peeter out when people have done them several times. By the end of the festival it may be difficult to start a performance because of the 3 person minimum.

    This quest can be repeated two times per day. You can be in the audience and possibly selected as an actor as many times as you wish as there is no limit to the number of performances you watch.

    Being in the Audience

    Being active while in the audience is optional, but you will complete deeds for throwing flowers or rotten fruits to the actors (see deed listing above).

    To do so, you must purchase flowers or rotten fruits at the hobbit vendors inside Frostbluff theatre sold for 4 copper pieces each at the theatre titled ‘’concessions’’. When an actor performs a relevant emote, you get a warning to throw flowers. When he performs an emote that doesn’t make sense with the play, you get to throw rotten fruit. Successful actors emoting are highlighted with white flashing arrows. Bad actors in red arrows.

    It is helpful to pay attention to what part each is actor is playing (they have an icon over their head, and a buff you can see if you select them) and be prepared for their upcoming part so you can be ready to toss rotten fruit or flowers at them as needed. I put my flowers and fruit in quickslots for easy access. You only have 10 seconds after they have emoted (or failed to) in which you can “reward” their performance.

    Being an Actor

    When you get selected to be an actor, you are teleported backstage where you have about 2 minutes to know your role. You will hear the person presenting the play on the stage calling your name and the role you got cast in.

    There are 3 roles in the play: the villain, the protaganist and extra. You can also know which part of the play you are cast in by looking at the icon over your head.

    Villain Protagonist Extra

    You can talk to the NPCs backstage to get information about the kind of emote would be appropriate to do on stage. There will be an NPC to talk to for your specific role. They will not tell you exactly what emotes to use but will guide you to the type you need.

    backstageIf you are not familiar with the emotes available in LOTRO you can type /emotelist in game or see the emotes listed on the lorebook. Note that some of the emotes in the list may be hidden deeds or store exclusives that are not available to you.

    You are then  teleported to the stage, where the action begins. There are NPCs on stage that are telling the story and are there to help you play your part.

    You must listen (read!) to what the narrator and the actor in your role has to say to get further tips on what kind of emote will be appropriate to do. You will get a warning when the time has come to perform your emote.

    To perform an emote for the play, you MUST target the audience (just click on the public) otherwise it won’t count.

    You can throw fruits and flowers to other actors as an actor so feel free to do so and work on those deeds while on stage!

    As the story goes on, every actor will have 3 emotes to perform. The order in which emotes are performed by the Actors in the play:

    • Extra
    • Villain
    • Protagonist
    • Extra
    • Villain
    • Protagonist
    • Extra
    • Protagonist
    • Villain

    After the end of the play, you are teleported back into the audience.


    • Completing the event you will win a title for the role you played (Protagonist, Villain or Extra).
    • If you successfully performed two emotes you will earn the “Star of the Show” title.
    • Perform two emotes poorly and you are granted the title “Laughing-Stock”.
    • Perform as all three roles to earn the “Thespian” title.

    Note on the Thespian Title: This deed is currently broken. Those who have earned all the role deeds will be retroactively granted the Thespian title but the vendor is the only way to wear the title currently. [source]

    These same titles are also available to buy with Frostbluff coins from the vendors in the theater if you are not lucky enough to be selected to act.

    Also don’t miss the subtle Muppet easter egg to be found in the theater. Some familiar critics can be found in their standard heckling spot.

    Snowball Fight

    Not far away from the main city of Winter-home is a snowman filled field set aside for a game of snowball fights!


    Snow piles will be usable while event is active. Use them to gather Perfect Snowballs. Piles can randomly give 1-3 snowballs. Snowballs will disappear from your inventory after the event is over and the snowballs from the festival vendors will not count on the snowball field.

    There are two quests available labeled easy and hard. There is a deed for completing both quests. (See deeds section above).

    Gather snowballs and hit 10 players in the snow arena. What makes this easy is you don’t have to do it all at once. You can finish this in several rounds if need be.
    Reward 2 Frostbluff Coins.

    Gather snowballs and hit 15 players within one round of a snowball fight.
    Reward 4 Frostbluff Coins


    • Ctrl+Tab will select the nearest player
    • Add the snowballs to your quick slot bar for easy access
    • You do not have to stand still to throw snowballs

    Quests are available 3 minutes after last event ended.  1 minute warning given before the next event starts. Event completes a cycle approximately every 9 minutes.

    Breeland Quests

    More Boar for Bree
    Picking up boar meatQuest Giver: Sally Blackwort (24.7S, 51.5W)
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
    Repeat: Daily

    The Festival Cook is asking you to find the missing dried boar meat that was stolen by the wolves. You must go to the “Snarling Hollow” (24.1S, 54.7W) west of the Festival Grounds and you will find the slabs of meat around there. It’s a small area and you only need to find five. It isn’t difficult.

    The only part that may be a tad difficult is even though this is listed as a level 1 quest, the wolves in this area are level 18 and 19. If it appears dangerous for your level, be sure to bring a friend.

    An Ailing Tradition of Ale
    Ale-CaskQuest Giver: Wim Wheatsheaf (24.6S, 51.5W)
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
    Repeat: Daily

    The cart delivering the festival ale was attacked by brigands and the Festival Brew-Master wants you to go and recover what is left of them. You will find an ale-cask by the lake just past Thornely’s Work Site at 27.0S, 54.1W. There were no brigands to be found. Just a broken cart and a cask. This can be easily accomplished by any level without any difficulties.

    Thorin’s Hall Quests

    snowpileSnow for a White Yule
    Quest GIver: Gloi (In Undeground Tavern)
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
    Repeat: Daily

    This odd dwarf is planning on piling snow in a cart and bring it to Bree. He asks you help him gather snow. There’s snow everywhere but apparently he only wants ones I find in small piles.

    Head out of Thorin’s gate and start looking around 15.5S, 104.0W and you’ll find snow piles you can gather. The monsters I saw around are level 5 or lower. Only the level 5 I spotted was aggressive.

    Quest Giver: Imi (in Underground Tavern)
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
    Repeat Timer: 15 hours

    This cook is looking to make some desert but needs some more ice and berries. Head out of Thorin’s Gate and to 14.4S, 103.9W. There is a frozen pond and waterfall. One of the pieces of the frozen waterfall is able to be gathered. The berries he is looking for is in the center of the pond on a little snow covered island. There were no monsters around this area making this a very quick and easy quest to complete.

    Duillond Quests

    firbranchWreathed in Fir
    Quest Giver: Anglalaith (24.6S, 93.0W)
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
    Repeat: Daily

    This Festival Patron is putting together a evergreen wreath but has ran out of branches and asks that you collect some more for him. They aren’t far just a little west of Duillond and I ran into some Fir Branches. Start looking around 24.0S, 94.3W and you’ll see them glowing. There are some boars in the area at around level 9 but that’s pretty easy to dispatch or you could probably even avoid them if you fear they will attack you.

    The Season of Merry-Making
    mistletoeQuest Giver: Saervereth (24.6S, 93.1W)
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
    Repeat: Daily

    This Festival Patron is in need of some mistletoe and asks you to go gather some for her. Head towards Thrasi’s Lodge and you’ll see some trees glowing on the side of the road. Look around 21.8S, 93.8W. The trees contain the mistletoe you are looking for.

    This area of forest is a little more populated, primarily with bears around level 11 and 12.

    Shire Quests

    Ribbons and Bows
    ribbonsbowsQuest Giver: Daisy Boffin (29.9S, 71.6W)
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
    Repeat: Daily

    The Party Planner has underestimated the amount of ribbon needed for the festival and needs you to travel to Overhill to find the boxes of ribbon and gather red and blue berries so she can dye the ribbon.

    Travel north on the road to Overhill and you will find the boxes along the road at around 28.9S, 70.6W. A little off the road in the wooded area you will find the red and blue flowers growing. The most fearsome thing I encountered in the wood was a level 10 boar and a level 11 bear so take note of that if you are doing this on a newer character.

    applesGood Cheer and Warm Cider
    Quest Giver: Samfast Longburrow (29.9S, 71.5W)
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: 2 Yule Festival Tokens
    Repeat: Daily

    The festival Brew-Master is looking to make some cider but has ran out of apples from Appledore’s Orchard. This is very quick and easy. Head directly west of Samfast and you’ll be in Appledore’s orchard where there are apples on the ground for you to pick up. There are no monsters save a random shrew or two in the area so it’s easily and quickly completed by anyone.

    Yuletide Woes Quest Chain
    Quest Givers: Hal Hornblower, Bogo Chubb, Daddy Twofoot, Holly Hornblower, Postman Grubb, Opal Goodbody, Gaffer Gamgee, Shirriff Robin Smallburrow, Hereward Loamsdown
    Quest Level: 1+
    Rewards: Yule-Tree

    yuletreeThere are many Hobbits in Hobbiton that can give you this quest (listed above). Lobelia Sackville-Baggins has been named the Yule-Planner for Hobbiton and you’re asked to inquire amongst the local Hobbits how this happened. You can inquire with some hobbits but you are pointed to talk to Ted Sandyman and search his mill. You will find and invitation at the mill which you are to take to Mayor Will Whitfoot in Michel Delving.

    The mayor claims there is nothing he can do about this but to search for the Book of Festival-law for more options which is kept in the Great Smials library in Tuckburough and return it to him.

    The book states Yule-Planner can be changed with a petition with 10 signatures and you are sent to Hobbiton to gather signatures. All of the original potential quest givers will agree to sign your petition. Ted Sandyman will refuse to sign. That is 9 signatures but go to Lobelia and Marigold Gamgee will arrive to sign the 10th signature.

    Afterwards go speak with Gaffer Gamgee for your very own Yule-Tree to place in your home’s front yard. This quest is not repeatable and can only be done once per character total. If you did this quest in past years, you will not be able to do it again.

    Yule Festival Mounts

    The quest and method to obtain the festival mounts is the same as other festivals. See General Festival Quests for information on that quest. However, I wanted to share pictures of the mounts available so you can decide if you need them!

    This festival the cost of the festival mounts was changed slightly. Mounts now cost 20 Yule Tokens (increase from 12 tokens), 1 Race Token and 1 Document of Mount Ownership. The good news is the Document of Mount ownership has had a drastic drop in price to 200 silver (if you have the mount discount).

    Yule Festival Steed
    This steed is only available via the store.
    Yule Festival Snow Steed
    *NEW* Glittering Yule Steed


    The rewards available are fun and very festive. I am afraid I will have to collect them all! All are purchased using the Yule Festival Tokens you’ve been collecting.

    Gift Boxes

    Gift boxes are purchased from festival quartermasters. There are special race specific boxes that are only purchased from that race’s vendor (Bree-land Gift Box from the Bree-land Quartermaster for example). These race gift boxes hand out a wide array of cosmetics, goodies and housing items.

    The normal gift box only gives coal (which I’ve heard some crafters stock up on as it is cheap coal).

    • Bree-Land Gift Box – 6 tokens
    • Hobbit Gift Box  – 6 tokens
    • Elf Gift Box – 6 tokens
    • Dwarf Gift Box  – 6 tokens
    • ‘Gift’ Boxes – 1 token


    • Frosty Beverages – 3 tokens for 5 drinks
      When consumed you will have a shot of snow around your character.
    • Snow-Jars – 3 tokens for 5 jars
      This causes a snow storm to rain in your general area and people will actually faint or be forced prone on the ground due to the snow.
    • Grim Crystals – 3 tokens for 5 crystals
      This summons a very brief swirl of snow cloud which a frost grim will rise from and then disappear. People in the area are forced to cower at the sight.
    • Piles of Fluffy Snow – 3 tokens for 5 piles
      Puts a snow tornado around a person and causes them to dust themselves off.
    • 5 Rotten Fruit: 1 Token (these will not work inside the theater)
    • 5 Bag of Flower Petals: 1 Token (these will not work inside the theater)
    • 3 Perfect Snowballs: 1 Token (these will not work in the snowball fight)


    Titles are available from the barter vendors inside the G.L.O.B.E. Theater. 6 Yule Tokens Each.

    • Title Writ – Thespian
    • Title Writ – Star of the Show
    • Title Writ – Protagonist
    • Title Writ – Villain
    • Title Writ – Extra
    • Title Writ – Laughing-Stock

    Housing Items

    Many housing items are picked up by luck of the draw in the race gift boxes like the snow-globes. 2010 did add many fun new items for houses including snowmen and a personal theater for your yard.

    Kiarane has collected all the items, the details on how to get them and pictures of what they look like in her Yule Festival Furniture and Decoration Guide.


    Images can be clicked on to see slightly larger views. There are also the special cosmetic items that cannot be purchased with tokens from the final quests. See Winter-home quests above for more details.

    snow-dusted set bearskincloak cloakofwinternights fancysnowcloak
    Snow-Dusted Traveling Robe, Gloves, Hat, Boots & Shoulders
    12 Tokens each
    Bearskin Winter Cloak
    Store Exclusive
    Cloak of Winter Nights
    Store Exclusive
    Fancy Snow-Cloak
    Store Exclusive
    YuleTunicandPants YuleHoodedCloak YuleHoodlessCloak
    Yule Tunic and Pants
    12 Tokens
    Yule Hooded Cloak
    12 Tokens
    Yule Hoodless Cloak
    12 Tokens
    YuleScarf YuleStockingCap1
    Yule Scarf
    12 Tokens
    Yule Stocking Cap
    12 Tokens

    Special thank you to Kiarane and Ketani for their tireless investigating and screenshot taking that helped create this guide!

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          It’d be more amusing if the store actually listed any festival mounts for me. At least, I didn’t see anything like when they were selling the old summer mounts.

          • Goldenstar Says:

            It appears that the Yule Steed not the Snow Steed was the one intended for the store. We are verifying it being in the store and we’ll have a post up later with the details on the store exclusive mount and what is available in game just to make it crystal clear.

    8. Tony Says:

      Is there any trick to doing the snowball fight? I went over there after doing a lot of other quests in the area, but the guy didn’t have a ring… maybe I just have to wait?

    9. Adam Says:

      Emma told me about Statdor and Waldo… that is genius, pure and simple. Awesome Turbine, great even and for those two alone you recieve and A*

      • Goldenstar Says:

        I know! I took a screenshot of them but decided against putting it in the guide just in case someone wanted to go looking themselves. I couldn’t resist at least hinting that they were there though. <3 Muppets!

    10. Strunto Says:

      Adorable little Goldenstar is such a cooperative and consistent model!

      Just out of curiosity… are all of the cosmetic items dyeable? I have the snow-dusted traveling robe from last year’s festival, and I only recently discovered that it was dyeable, and I thought that might even be a new feature of the item. So I was curious if the new cloaks and tunic were also dyeable.


      • Goldenstar Says:

        I believe the tunic and scarf are as I saw multi-colors in beta. I cannot say for sure on the cloaks. It’ll be something I can investigate when I play tonight :)

        • Goldenstar Says:

          I was able to dye my cloak tonight!

          • Strunto Says:

            Thanks so much for following up! Yeah, I had a blast with the Yule festival stuff last night. The theater is such great fun. I love being an unruly audience member. No wonder the real Shakespearean audiences were so hard to please. It’s much more fun to throw rotten fruit than flower petals!

            The cosmetics are really great. I love that the scarf takes the shoulder slot (which I suppose only makes sense.) It’s great that you can wear it with the cloak… And with all of the new dyes, there’s so many possibilities! Cool stuff.

    11. Durick Says:

      It appears that the hard-mode snowball fight only takes 5 repeats for the deed now.

    12. Alphaman Says:

      Wait, can we only get those cloaks (bear/night/yule, not the hoodless or hooded) from the store? :/

    13. jacques Says:

      Does anyone know if the “Yule Festival Steed” is available in this festival?

      • Goldenstar Says:

        The Yule Steed is a store exclusive this year. You can find it in the store under Travel > Mounts > Store Exclusive. It is not available to earn in game.

    14. Susann Says:

      Has anyone found the Yule Festival Steed or any Housing objects bar the Yule tree and snowmen/flags, like the last years’ decorations?

      • Goldenstar Says:

        I am trying to find out if the Yule Steed is intended to be gone (it was in beta) and will let you know when I hear back.

        See the rewards section on Housing items for a link to Kia’s housing guide. She has information on all the items available and how they can be found in game. Some items can only be obtained from the race gift boxes.

    15. Kevle Says:

      Great guide as always – thanks for taking the time!

    16. Krysfaerun Says:


    17. Tarienne Says:

      I love this site and appreciate the work that goes into it.

      For this festival I am really disappointed I cannot find ANY of the wall surface decor! Primarily the lovely items that make it look like you have garlands on your walls.

      I checked the housing vendor suppliers and the festival barter npcs but there is hide nor hair of these items. I wanted this more then anything else.

      • Goldenstar Says:

        If you mean the wallpaper I believe they are random items from the race gift boxes. Kia can correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Kurgan Nazzir Says:

          You are correct, the globes and wallpapers come from the racial gift boxes though I’m pretty sure I didn’t always get the ‘race’ item that corresponded to the racial gift box. But I haven’t touched those since 2007 so I could be off my rocker, but that’s what I remember because it seemed strange.

    18. Silindor Says:

      Question for all, my daughter has a toon lv 16 Hobbit and while in Hobbiton was able to get a quest “Yule-ledger” not seen this mentioned anywhere also there is a Guard near the mill in Winter Home (not able to interact) as well as a abonimal snow beast in the woods…also not seen a quest linking them anyone have a clue?

      • Goldenstar Says:

        I believe the ledger you are talking about is part of the Yuletide Woes Quest Chain but I am unsure. The end of the chain she will be granted a Yule Tree. I have looked in this area and had found no new quests from last year so let me know if it is not the Yuletide Woes.

        I am not aware of any quests in winter-home that are not included here.

      • Kiarane Says:

        The guard standing near the tower where you collect winterberries is part of one of the final quest chain in Winter Home.

    19. Silindor Says:

      Yep it was, although we wherent around for last years fest was nice to see old quests around, it gave the Yule tree. gonna look around at a list of other quests from last winter, Bit odd with that Guard at mill and snow beast, guess there added in to flesh things up a bit

    20. Durick Says:

      I have to admit, so far I’m a little disappointed that The Thespian title can only be purchased. I was rather hoping it would be a meta-title by acquiring all of the other titles through acting.

      Didn’t Turbine mention that there would be at least something we could only get through participation in the G.L.O.B.E. events?

      • Kiarane Says:

        Two great Yule mysteries are yet to be uncovered: How to obtain The Thespian Title without buying it and the dress the hobbit is wearing in the official Yule Turbine ss. Goldenstar is working hard to find all the secrets of the festival, but if you find any information concerning those two, please let us know! :)

        • Minawen Says:

          The Hobbit appears to be wearing the Great Hoary Aurochs Robe from Forochel (Kindred required).

      • Ketani Says:

        The Fruit Hucker and Petal Pusher titles are only obtainable by participating in “rewarding” the actors on stage.

      • Goldenstar Says:

        The deed for the Thespian title is bugged. I have updated the guide with details and a link to the Turbine post that describes it.

        • Durick Says:

          Thanks, Goldenstar! That’s been driving me batty. I’ve been trying all sorts of combination of perfect (and terrible) performances wondering if it was something complicated to earn

          I’ll just sit back and rest easy knowing it (and my 5 Turbine Points) are on the way.

    21. Wilifro Says:

      Just attended the theatre – played Bilbo! – Have to say that this event is one of the best things ever. Really well done, kudos to Turbine :-) :-) :-)

    22. Player 1 Says:

      I have to admit that Im a little disappointed in the whole event. truth be told the theater is very very cooll but….as a whole the setting and the story all seem a bit Dickensian. I felt less like i was in a Middle-Earth set stage and more like i took a detour into “a christmas carol” without the charm lent by Scrooge.

      Wheres the merriment and joy of the holidays? Downtroden citizens…homeless beggers….Unkind and tyranical mayors…cleaning up dishes and garbage???? PICK-Pocketting????

      uuummmm… not at all what i was expecting in a YULE time festival. Sure its snowy…but so is Thorins Hall.

      My vote still remains with the harvest festival….it was dynamic and plenty of fun things to do…..clearing away dishes and ransacking the rich wasnt my idea of a happy holiday

      Just my opinion

      • Isilwren Says:

        I second this. This topic came up in kinchat where a majority of us (and we have a big kin) did NOT like the storyline behind the Winter Home. What happened to the spirit of the season?
        The storyline basically makes you choose whether or not you are a selfish old miser or have a heart for the poor. I choose to have a heart for the poor and found that aspect of the storyline bugged. The one that was not bugged?? Gee, must we guess?? What also bugged me is that you were rewarded with pretty robes if you decided to be a jerk vs the pauper’s clothes if your heart was doing the right thing.

        The only aspects of WH I like are the theater and the snowball fight – that’s it. The village is rather cute. It would have been nicer if there was a pub where we could gather to play music or buy a wintery pint or two and/or games that involved helping others without the expense of catering to a rich jerk. (end rant)

    23. Wesemir Says:

      Whats with the beer fight. it was open yesterday but i had to log out. later when i went back in and whole day today no sign of it? was it a one time thing? or a bug?

      • Goldenstar Says:

        The beer-fight was not intended to open. It isn’t going away though, Budgeford said in her dev diary it will return later. I am guessing in a different festival.

    24. Krenn Says:

      Tip – if you’re traveling through all four of the starting areas to get all of the Yule quests outside of Winterhome, fast-travel through Winterhome each time since those trips are free and you can travel back to any starting area. Only saves 1 silver each time, but that could add up on a new player.

    25. Farowynn Says:

      I cannot get the “Yuletide Woes” quest to work. Hal Hornblower is not the giver, nor are any of the others mentioned above. Can someone please let me know if they got that quest to work?

      Also, I got the “Yuletide Tunic and Pants” from the concessions guy at the theater in Winter-Home. However, mine is NOT red as in the picture. It’s like beige and tan. So is there something I missed or is the one I bought just scripted wrong?

      • Goldenstar Says:

        Yuletide Woes is a once ever quest. If you did it last year on your character, you cannot get it again.

        The tunics are dyable so don’t fret if you do not enjoy the color. You can change it!

    26. Bargal Says:

      The information on acquiring the Laughing-Stock title is incorrect. I finally got it on the third of three “wrong” emotes in a single performance. Another person said that they got it on the first failed emote and thought that it had to be one of a particular subset of wrong emotes. I wonder if instead it might be a grand total from all performances (if so, the number would be 6-8, I forget exactly how many times I got the wrong emote on previous performances).

      • Goldenstar Says:

        I did it myself in two.

      • cyanpill Says:

        I’ve heard specualtion that laughing-stock is dependant on how many rotten-fruits you get pelted with. I got it with my second bad performance, but I was getting hit with a lot of fruit too.

        • lalaquen Says:

          I got it on my first bad performance. Although there was a pretty large audience, and I think a couple of people actually /laughed at me, so that might have something to do with it.

    27. Tish Says:

      Another great guide, thank you !
      But, writing pale grey on white, eyes bleeding. :s

    28. Froste Says:

      As always, good stuff, thx!

    29. Farowynn Says:

      Thanks for all your help! I finally got Yuletide Woes quest on another toon that I didn’t have last year. So you were right and I must have already done it on the first toon I tried.

      And I didn’t realize we had to ‘dye’ the Yuletide clothing. I thought from the pics above that they would already be red in color when purchased. My mistake and thanks for the correction!

    30. Morthorn Says:

      Any idea how rare the wallpapers/snowglobes are? I’ve opened 5 boxes across my characters and haven’t got any yet. I hope they’re not super rare!

      • Goldenstar Says:

        They aren’t rare in the sense that like the skeleton horse was a rare (low drop rate). It’s just the luck of the random number generator. It took me a lot of boxes and even making merric get elven boxes for me to finally get the elf snow-globe last year. As a result we both have a lot of gift boxes, silly cosmetics and wreaths from all our searching. Keep at it and hope you get lucky!

    31. TMX Says:

      Thnks a lot….got to understand the game much better!!!!! :) :) :)

    32. DancesInTrees Says:

      Laughing-stock appears to require being /laugh ed at while you have the ‘bad actor’ debuf as well as two genuine wrong emotes (i.e. you must have Audience targeted & you must perform an emote).

      • Goldenstar Says:

        I see what you are saying. You must fail at actually performing for the audience, not simply doing nothing or a bad emote with no target. I can see that as correct for the “Star of the show” as well. The rule of the performance is to target the audience. I even have it bolded.

    33. Frankie Says:

      Just point out that getting the title “Extra”, “Villain”, “Protagonist”, “Star of the Show” or “Laughing-Stock” grants you 5 TP.

      Don’t know if “Thespian” is the same.

    34. cyanpill Says:

      “For completionists: New hidden Yule Festival deed!”

      Fredelas @ the main forums found a hidden deed, “Such Generosity!” for donating to the poor 10 times. REad more about it here:

    35. Athensi Says:

      Ok i have a question about the final deed Self-Sacrifice: Support the Poor. Im at the tower thing and ive defended myself against the guard and the door started to glow and i right clicked it and the banker came out and i right clicked him and continued the quest and im on the part of defending myself from the banker yet he wont attack me and i cant attack him. Did i do something wrong?

    36. Farowynn Says:

      I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they don’t care for the Charles Dickens-ish town of Winter-Home but I do not agree. I LOVE IT! And the rich/poor stuff cracks me up! I decided to go for the Miser title to get the nice dress instead of rags. The snowball fight and theatre are the highlights but I’m enjoying it all, and using almost every toon to do it!

      Thanks again for posting all the helpful info!

    37. Steve Says:

      I can’t find mention in this great site of the pie eating competition in the Bree-land Festival run by Humbert Sandheaver in the Festival grounds. Possibly a timed eating event as I did the two mentioned quests and came back to see an extra quest giver. Need to eat 6 pies in “x” minutes to get a title “Pie Eating Champion”

    38. Tarienne Says:

      Yes you were right, I got my wallpaper from a gift box. My next questions:

      1) Which race box drops the wreath?

      2) Have you got images for the outfits and accessories that come out of the boxes? I had gotten some ugly robes, a backpack, and two dresses so far.

      • Goldenstar Says:

        Any of the race boxes can drop wreaths. If you’re on Landroval I can send you one. I got many last year :D

        I did not compile a listing of the cosmetics you could get from the gift boxes because it seemed to be like just about any cosmetic you could buy from an outfitter was an option and since it’s so random it would be very difficult to know if I got them all or not.

        But that is my best assumption. The cosmetics will be of the level you can buy from the Outfitter vendor. I have never received anything pretty and I seem to recall getting a lot of quivers (or maybe that was some other festival). Yeah I was opening boxes for the furniture not the clothing, ha!

    39. Farowynn Says:

      Tarienne, I’ve also gotten a ton of ugly outfits from those gift boxes. Some are worth almost 5 silver, so vendoring 6 of them got me about 30ilver. Not a windfall of cash, but better than nothing!

      Also, I got the dwarf snow-globe on the 2nd box try! What good luck! I’ve bought 10 bree-land boxes now and aside from 2 wallpapers that I did in fact put to good use, the rest was crap that I vendored.

    40. Markbjorn Says:

      I just got The Openhanded title plus 50 Frostbluff coin for finishing the Charitable Spirit quest 10 times.

    41. Mulch Says:

      The theatre quest can be done twice daily only the first day you do it, after that it is a once daily quest like the rest of them.


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