Dungeon Guide – Helegrod: Giant Wing

September 22, 2010

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One of the things I really wanted to do here at CSTM was to help provide end-game guidance and more specifically, guides. I’d been holding out on doing any until the changes to instances that came in the free to play patch hit. So without further ado I give you my first of hopefully many guides here at CSTM: Helegrod: Giant Wing.

Helegrod: GIant Wing is a 12-man scalable instance. See our Instance Join Reference Sheet for other information on joining this raid such as quest pack to purchase for free/premium access.

A Few Recommendations

I strongly recommend making sure you have the following:

  • At least 1 Loremaster: Traited Ancient Master, making sure to have Deep Lore, Proof against all ills and Dunedain Learning (stun immunity anyone? YES PLEASE!)
  • A fearless Tank: A tank that isn’t going to be afraid to get and grab everything and use cool-downs anytime they need to. A tank who knows how and is willing to play aggressively can be a huge driving force in areas like this when many enemies will be taken at once.
  • At least 1 Captain (2 is always better): Buffs are a huge help as is a little extra healing and the ability to help save the group in a tight spot. Oh and rezzes for when things don’t quite go as planned.
  • At least 1 Champion: When dealing with several enemies, nothing beats a champ for making it go faster and easier. AoE ftw.

The Enemy’s Arsenal

You’ll encounter the following types of baddies on your way to Storvagun in the giant wing of Helegrod:

The giants of Helegrod are cold, underpaid, and ticked off that you’re there. Giants have area effect damage, stuns and knockbacks. It is best to keep your distance from giants if you’re class/role allows you to. When dealing with giants, tanks and champions (other melees as well if possible) minimally should have stun immunity via a Loremaster’s sign of power: righteousness. It is also a good idea to keep 1-2 giants under crowd control until the rest of a pull is finished to help cut down on stuns which actually speeds things up. It is entirely possible to let entire pulls of giants and their friends come in and be fine, despite their size they don’t hit very hard for raid mobs.

The few bears in Helegrod are the “allies of” certain giants and are relatively harmless aside from their armour rend which can make the hardiest of tanks feel a bit naked. Bears are also some of the lowest morale mobs in the instance and as such are good candidates to be targeted first.


Leopards, tigers, sabertooths… whatever you call them, they’re cats. These generally come in medium to large size groups or “packs”, Area effect damage and debuff skills are encouraged. Cats are also lower morale and have lower armour than other mobs in the instance, making them good early targets.


These large beasts look far more frightening than they actually are, medium morale and relatively low damage. Mammoths should generally killed after cats and bears but before giants. Although, they do a good job of blocking your view, if this is a problem, kill them first.


The Ice-Drake:
Inside the giant wing there is but one singular ice drake which will patrol one pass, then fly to another, patrol it and fly again back to the other pass. Depending on your timing you may not need to deal with this enemy. If you do get him while you’re dealing with other enemies, simply mez him and save him for last. He does moderate damage and has a fire damage aura that isn’t bad but it’s still damage so avoid it if possible.


Unless you end up in the pit at the start of the instance, be it by choice or force of knockback, you won’t encounter snowbeasts until the second half of the boss fight. Snowbeasts do mild single target damage and are a non-threat individually but a formidable adversary in swarms.


Dude, Why Are We Stuck in Combat!?!?

You’re probably going to find yourself asking yourself this question after a couple pulls because there’s a few giants up on a ledge that will get into combat and start throwing boulders at you, hele-ledgegiantswhich sounds far more painful than it is. There’s a few options for dealing with these… you can either use ranged damage (hunters for the win) and burn them down now or use a loremaster to mez them and/or you can fight through another pull or two until you’re able to reach them on their ledge and show them the full force of your raid. No matter what you choose to do, they aren’t doing a ton of damage and are tolerable but you will be in combat mode until they’re killed.

Beating “Boots” (Storvagun)

I call him “Boots” because as a melee that’s the extent of what you see since his sizehele-boots 5,624,789 boots are twice the height of race of man characters. But anyways, he goes by the name of “Storvagun”.

Fight Basics:

Storvagun is a giant so his arsenal of attacks is generally the same as other giants you’ve seen all throughout the wing except that he also has a stackable armour rend similar to what bears have. For this reason you’ll want to keep a Loremaster in the same group as your main tank so that the armour rend wounds can be kept off so your tank doesn’t feel naked on the cold peak in the white mountains.

hele-storvSomewhere in the ballpark of 1 minute after starting the fight, Storvagun will “focus his attention” and whoever has him at the time is stuck with him. For this reason, make sure the raid gives the main tank enough to time to get ample threat. Once Storvagun focuses on someone, he will remain on that person during the first half of the fight regardless of other factors.

At the same time that he “focuses” some giants and cats will enter the fight through the same entry point that your raid did. It’s a good idea to try to get a giant or two under control while dps starts taking out the cats first. Once the cats are dead, carefully kill the giants (remember their tendency towards area effect stuns, damage and knockbacks). Giants dead? good!. Go back to beating on “boots”.

Once Storvagun is at 50% morale he’ll go green for a moment and then you’ll notice that he starts attacking randomly and will all throughout the rest of the fight except when under the influence of a “force taunt” such as “Challenge”. In addition an “avalanche” will start following off the snowy overhangs at the edges of the room, this is nothing to worry about unless you’re going for challenge mode.

At the same time, snowbeasts start pouring out of the two stone huts in the room. There are a few good ways to deal with snowbeasts:

  • Tank Them: if you’ve got a spare tank you can gather them up and have them be tanked and possibly spanked by a champion (note that as you kill snowbeasts, more will replace them)
  • Crowd Control: you can have any Loremasters work Herb lore and cracked earth on the snowbeasts to keep them rooted and hopefully away from the group. (Hunter’s rain of thorns and triple traps are good ideas to use in assistance as well)
  • AoE: Keep the raid tight and just use a ton of area effect skills to at the very minimum keep the beasts off the healers.

In any method you should be focusing your main damage targeting on Storvagun himself. Once he dies any snowbeasts will disappear.

Challenge Mode:

hele-avalancheThe premise of challenge mode for this fight is pretty simple: Stay out of the Avalanche. If anyone touches the avalanche, the entire raid loses challenge mode credit.

Given that the avalanche only effects the edges of the room the idea is to stay fairly central and a good distance from the edges in case of knockback.


  • The Cliff edge is an invisible wall. Tank should put their back to that and tank Storvagun up against it. Centering between the two trees is a great spot as it’s roughly equidistant from the avalanche on the sides.
  • Melee DPS should be right on Storvagun’s heels for the last half of the fight. Fight DIRECTLY behind, not slanted off to a side. (the distance to the rear avalanch portion is much further than the side avalanches so don’t risk being knocked to the side.)
  • Healers, tactical and ranged DPS should stand just a couple step behind Melee DPS keeping within AoE range of any champions in case some snowbeasts get down on the group. And also because Storvagun is random attacking at this point so he WILL inevitably occasionally go to hit someone in the ranged group and if you’re too far back you’ll get knocked into the rear avalanche zone.
  • Have fun! that’s what it’s all about.
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  1. Glompf Says:

    Good guide, and I agree with all but one thing.

    Let the group stand against the invisible wall/cliffedge. and the tank on the other side of Storvagun, making him face away from the edge. Why? If the group get knocked back during the avalanches some of the raid members dont move back if needed and might get hit by the snow. If the tank gets knocked back he, usually a dwarf ;-) has to correct the placement, and its better if the tank gets the aggro first from the waves of mobs, rather than a hunter or mincer, as they will ‘partially’ see what is happening behind.

    A good place for the group is in the middle between the two trees at the edge.

    …in my humble oppinion.


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